College of Education and Professional Development

Level-II Clinicals

Level II Clinical Experience (CI 470, CI 471, CI 472 and EDF 637) is a 75-hour experience in a public school, where the teacher candidate takes on the role of planning and teaching in the classroom.

The purpose of the level II clinical is to:

  • begin independent planning and execution of lessons/units.
  • connect educational philosophy, research, and theory to his/her own practice.
  • develop classroom management skills.
  • utilize effective methods of instruction, including technology.
  • begin regular reflection by formally examining and critiquing his/her own daily teaching.
  • respond to issues of diversity, considering the needs of students individually as well as collectively.
  • articulate personal beliefs (dispositions) regarding teaching and learning.

Teacher candidates attend a 90-minute to two-hour block, five days a week for the 75-hour period (approximately 8 weeks). Level II requires a minimum of 18 to 20 days teaching including 8-10 day of lesson planning. Placements are made according to the candidate’s field of licensure.

Professional Expectations