Clinical Experiences and Evaluation Forms

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Clinical Students,

As part of your education at the College of Education and Professional Development, teacher candidates will complete hours in a PK-12 classroom setting, which provides you to opportunity to apply what you learn. The college has designed numerous field and clinical experiences for you to experience a range of classrooms and variety of teaching situations. These experiences are outlined below.

The field and clinical experiences are each a course for which candidates will receive credit. Candidates are encouraged to review the syllabus for each course and well as become familiar with the Clinical Handbook.

The handbook outlines all expectations for candidates entering the schools. The Office of Clinical Experience will hold an orientation for each major clinical experience (Levels I, II, and III) to ensure the candidate is prepared. Candidate are also always welcome to stop into the office to discuss experiences in the schools.

Teacher candidates have several embedded field experience attached to courses. Follow the link for the course below to learn more about the field experience requirements.

  • Early Childhood Field Experiences
  • Elementary Field Experiences
  • Secondary Field Experiences
  • Special Education Field Experiences

Each candidate will complete three major clinical experiences. Select the appropriate clinical below for more information on requirements and placements.

The cooperating teacher is a teacher candidates greatest asset serving as a resource, support and mentor to the candidate. Their role is to provide support to the candidate daily while communicating with the university supervisor or the Office of Clinical Experience. The cooperating teacher is responsible for observing and evaluating the candidate during their placement.

The university supervisor is the representative of Marshall University while working with teacher candidates in the schools. Their role is to provide support to the cooperating teacher and clinical student during student teaching while communicating with the Office of Clinical Experience. The supervisor is also responsible for observing and evaluating the candidate during their placement.

The PDS at Marshall University is a partnership between the College of Education and Professional Development and the public schools in West Virginia. Our mission is to create a learning community committed to furthering the educational profession through a shared commitment to innovative and reflective practice by a broader educational community with the purpose of enhancing education for all learners.

The goals of PDS are:

  • Enhancing student learning
  • Improving teacher preparation
  • Providing appropriate professional development
  • Reaching out to the broader educational community
  • Inquiring about teaching and learning

PDS maintains partnerships in many schools in Cabell, Wayne, Mason, Putnam, and Logan Counties. Teacher Candidates placed in these schools will find the support of a PDS team and will have the opportunity to participate in discussions about teaching and learning as well as participate in professional development sessions/activities offered at the school.

The PDS partnership also provides many other opportunities for clinical students each semester.