Level-I Clinicals

Level I Clinical Experience (EDF 270) is a 35-hour experience in a school setting, where the teacher candidate has the opportunity to observe and work with individuals, or small groups of students.

The purpose of the level I clinical is to:

  • Provide a window through which teacher candidates in the College of Education and Professional Development can view students and classrooms from the teacher’s perspective.
  • Assists teacher candidates in gaining teaching skills through participation in tutoring, working with small groups of students, teaching parts of lessons, and other activities as appropriate in the classroom.
  • Provide opportunities for teacher candidates to observe the developmental levels of their students.
Professional Expectations

As a teacher candidate entering the schools, you are expected to conduct yourself as a practicing professional educator. You are subject to the same ethical and professional responsibilities of a full-time teacher.

Please review the Teacher Candidate Code of Professional Conduct, which includes the dress code and attendance policy for all candidates, prior to entering the classroom.

Requirements to Complete Level I Clinical Experience

Credit for Level I Clinical Experience is determined based on the completion of required time in the classroom, successfully working with students in the classroom (not just sitting in the back observing), and receiving a passing score on your evaluation.

The teacher candidate is responsible to turn in his/her time sheet to the Office of Clinical Experience upon completion of time and to ensure the online evaluation is completed by the cooperating teacher. The online evaluation is available HERE

Self Assessment

Prior to and at the completion of level I, teacher candidates will be required to complete a self-assessment tool.

Sequencing of Level I Experience:

  • Week 1 of the semester: Candidates will receive information through Marshall email to attend an orientation session and complete necessary placement forms.
  • Week 3 of the semester: Candidates will attend an orientation session with the Office of Clinical Experience to review important information regarding their clinical placement and complete self-assessment.
  • Week 5-15 of the semester: Candidates will complete 35 hours in assigned classroom including observation, working with individuals and small groups of students, and teaching parts of lessons.
  • Week 15-16 of the semester: Candidates will turn in time sheet to Office of Clinical Experience and ensure online evaluation is completed by the Cooperating Teacher.