Dr. Eric Beeson (He/Him)
Professor and Department Chair
Location: HH 343B, SC 245
Telephone: 304-746-1966
E-mail: beeson@marshall.edu
Andrew Burck
Dr. Andrew Burck
Associate Professor
Location: GC 239
Telephone: 304-746-8972
E-mail: burck@marshall.edu
Bob Rubenstein
Dr. Bob Rubenstein
Location: GC 211
Telephone: 304-746-1953
E-mail: brubenstein@marshall.edu
Carol Smith
Dr. Carol Smith
Professor and Coordinator of Violence, Loss, and Trauma Certificate
Location: GC 216
Telephone: 304-746-1921
E-mail: carol.smith@marshall.edu
Darlene Daneker
Dr. Darlene Daneker
Associate Professor
Location: HH 310
Telephone: 304-696-8966
E-mail: daneker@marshall.edu
David Hermon
Dr. David Hermon
Location: HH 343D
Telephone: 304-696-2917
E-mail: hermon@marshall.edu
Jeff Garrett
Dr. Jeff Garrett
Location: HH 343C
Telephone: 304-696-3825
E-mail: garrett43@marshall.edu
Dr. Jerica Wesley
Assistant Professor
Location: GC 204
Telephone: 304-746-1912
E-mail: jerica.wesley@marshall.edu
Dr. Jerry Dooley
Assistant Professor
Location: GC 209
Telephone: 304-746-8952
E-mail: dooley24@marshall.edu
Jonathan Lent
Dr. Jonathan Lent
Location: HH 309
Telephone: 304-696-2912
E-mail: lentj@marshall.edu
Lisa Burton
Dr. Lisa Burton
Location: GC 210
Telephone: 304-746-1951
E-mail: burton15@marshall.edu
Lori Ellison
Dr. Lori Ellison
Location: GC 237
Telephone: 304-746-2086
E-mail: ellisonl@marshall.edu