Name Title Office Phone Email
Dr. Paula Lucas Program Director and Professor EB 104 304-696-2882
Dr. Sissy Isaacs Associate Dean and Professor EB 218G 304-696-2890
Dr. Andrew Stringfellow Assistant Professor EB 110A 304-696-6602
Dr. Brian Kinghorn Associate Professor EB 111J 304-696-2876
Dr. George Watson Professor EB 110D 304-696-2874
Dr. Kathy Seelinger Professor EB 132 304-696-2863
Dr. Michael Corrigan Associate Professor EB 110 304-696-2961
Dr. Mindy Allenger Associate Professor EB 107A 304-696-2855
Dr. Mindy Backus Professor EB 111F 304-696-2877
Dr. Tina Cartwright Professor EB 111L 304-696-3101
Dr. Tom Klein Professor EB 110B 304-696-6261
Kay Scott Administrative Secretary EB 111 304-696-3101

Huntington Campus
Education Building Room 220
One John Marshall Drive
Huntington, WV 25755
Phone: 304-696-3131

South Charleston Campus
100 Angus E. Peyton Drive
South Charleston, WV 25303
Phone: 304-746-1992