College of Education and Professional Development

Level-III Clinicals

Student teaching is a semester-long, full-day experience in one or more public schools. Undergraduates receive 12 hours (CR/NC) for student teaching; MAT candidates receive 6 hours (CR/NC).

The number of public schools in which teacher candidate is placed during this clinical is determined by the candidates’ combination of teaching fields and grade levels. Typically, candidates will have two eight-week placements, but some certifications require three five-week placements.

The purpose of the final clinical experience is to allow the teacher candidate to:

  • apply theories, research, and philosophies of education to the practice of teaching in a public school.
  • refine planning, teaching, management, assessment, and reflection skills to achieve a level of professional competence consistent with the COE, NCATE, and state competency standards.
  • critically examine teaching and learning processes and student learning as well as assume the full role of a teacher.
  • use current technologies and strategies as well as enhance critical thinking and maximize learning.
  • develop reflective and self-assessment skills as they continually analyze and evaluate their own progress.
  • respond to issues of diversity, considering the needs of students individually as well as collectively.

Professional Expectations

Becoming Certified and Applying for Jobs

Additionally, candidates will have opportunities throughout the semester to work with Marshall University Career Services to complete their Jobtrax file. Career Services will provide students will information on what county/district offices expect from candidates to obtain teaching jobs. Career Services will work with the candidates to prepare all pieces necessary to graduate and apply for jobs.

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