Educational Personnel Preparation Advisory Committee (E.P.P.A.C)

This committee is mandated by the West Virginia Department of Education (WVDE) and defined in Policy 5100: Preparing Educational Personnel as follows: “EPPAC serves as an advisory body to the institution’s chief educational personnel preparation officer in developing and reviewing all programs and policies for the preparation of educational personnel within the institution.” EPPAC will provide a framework for data-informed continuous improvement efforts and a lens for program analysis and reflection. Other duties include:

  • Participate in evaluation procedures for various accrediting bodies.
  • Participate in the writing of program reviews for the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP), the Marshall University Board of Governors, the Higher Education Policy Commission (HEPC), and the West Virginia Department of Education (WVDE).
  • Consider other business items at the request of the Dean, the Associate Dean, or committee members.



Dean – Teresa Eagle

Associate Dean- Sissy Isaacs and Sandra Stroebel

Clinical Coordinator – Amanda Preece

Director of Assessment – Paula Lucas and Chuck Bethel

PDSP Representative – Mindy Backus and Courtenay Johnson

WVDE Representative – Linda Bragg

Certification Officer – Tammy Aliff and Gabi Dahalia

CSLC Representative – Sarah Willis

Graduate Student – Sarah Smith

CSLCITE Member – Allison Carey

An administrator and a teacher from at least 4 educational partners within service area

  • Cabell Co. – Lenora Richardson and Stephanie Spencer
  • Wayne Co. – Sara Stapelton and Lynn Ferguson

Educational Service Agency Representatives

  • Tammy Stowers, Mountain State Education Services, & formerly RESA II
  • Kelly Watts, Cabell County Schools Assistant Superintendent of Instruction, & formerly of RESA III

Meeting Minutes w/ Handouts
TIR w/ Updates

What is a teacher in residence program?

A Teacher-in-Residence Program is an intensively supervised and mentored residency program for prospective teachers during their senior year that refines their professional practice skills and helps them gain the teaching experience needed to demonstrate competence as a prerequisite to certification to teach in the West Virginia public schools. Teacher-in-residence programs require authorization of the WVBE pursuant to W. Va. Code §18A-3-1(e).

What are the minimum requirements?

The prospective teachers-in-residence shall:

  •  Have completed the content preparation courses with a minimum 3.0 GPA;
  • Have met the proficiency score(s) on the state competency exam(s) in pre-professional skills (PPST or PRAXIS Core) or qualify for an exemption as described in Section 6.2.c of WVBE Policy 5100;
  • Have met the proficiency score(s) on the state competency exam(s) in content (PRAXIS II Content) or qualify for an exemption as described in Policy 5202 in the area for which s/he is seeking certification.
  • The prospective teachers-in-residence shall only be eligible to serve in a teaching position in the county which has been posted and for which no other fully certified teacher has been employed.

The agreement between the institution of higher education and the county board shall include the specifics regarding the program of instruction and the responsibilities for supervision and mentoring by the institution of higher education, the school principal, peer and mentor teachers.

  • The salary and benefit costs for the position to which the teacher-in-residence is assigned shall be used only for program support and to pay the teacher-in-residence a stipend that is no less than 65% of all state aid funding.
  • The prospective teacher-in residence shall satisfy the requirements for the Teacher-In-Resident Permit as identified in Policy 5202.
  • The program must be approved by the WVBE.

When is a student selected for a Teacher-In-Residence program?

The selected student must fill out the necessary forms and turn them in to Ms. Tammy Aliff, Certification Specialist, only AFTER the county has guaranteed the position:

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