Mathematics Research at Marshall

The Department of Mathematics is active in mathematical research at all levels. Our faculty includes active researchers in analysis, combinatorics, differential equations, graph theory, mathematical biology, mathematical logic, numerical analysis, statistics, topology, and other fields. A full list of faculty research interests is available. Together the faculty published 45 peer-reviewed research papers from 2006 to 2011, and presented over 70 talks at international, national, and regional conferences.

The department is dedicated to fostering student research at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Undergraduate majors take the senior capstone course, which usually involves a research project. Master's degree students have the option of writing a research thesis as part of their program of study. Marshall also has an REU in computational science and an undergraduate research program in mathematical biology.

The department also houses the only public differential analyzer in the United States. This is an analog computer for solving differential equations, which is used both for research and pedagogical purposes.

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