Undergraduate Capstone Research

Senior Seminar (MTH 491), is the capstone course for mathematics majors. Each student completes a senior project, which is usually a research project but may be an expository paper. Each student also prepares an oral presentation on his or her project; these presentations are given near the end of the semester.

Students who have arranged for an internship at an outside company may use this to satisfy their capstone requirement. These students should contact their departmental advisor well in advance of the internship to make arrangements.


Recent Undergraduate Capstone Projects

The research topics for Senior Seminar are almost unlimited. Recently, students have written capstone papers on mathematical physics, complex analysis, game theory, geometry, numerical analysis, and other topics.


Fall 2021 – Senior Seminars

  • Maegan Burke
    The Planimeter: Sweeping Through an Area Near You
    Dr. Bonita Lawrence
  • Tanisha Lilly
    Graphs and the Minimum Rank Problem
    Dr. Ansam Al-Aqtash
  • Logan Rose
    The Support Vector Machine
    Dr. Avishek Mallick


Spring 2021 – Senior Seminars

  • Erica Burns
    Predicting Academic Intervention Need
  • Colton Farley
    Description and Application of Neural Networks
  • Kenny Hughes
    Analyzing Two-Player Finite Zero-Sum Games
  • Chloe’ Marcum
    Extended Schur Functions
  • Forest Rowley
    Generalized Vandermonde Determinants
  • Joseph Stamm
    2-Primitive Decompositions of K_n and K_n-I
  • Lynne Thompson
    Exact Confidence Intervals
  • Jordan Toppins
    Connecting High School Elements to Predict STEM Degrees
  • Ian Waddell
    Numerically Solving the Blasius Problem


2020 – Senior Seminars

  • Isaac Brown
    Hamilton cycle decompositions of hypergraphs
    Advisor: Dr. Michael Schroeder
  • Jordyn Bryson
    2-Primitivity in Steiner Triple Systems
    Advisor: Dr. Michael Schroeder
  • Tyler Call
    Generalizations of Chromatic Polynomials
    Advisor: Dr. Elizabeth Niese
  • Parker D’Antoni
    Predicting Points Per Game in Basketball
    Advisor: Dr. Anna Mummert
  • Benjamin Day
    Allocation in Series-Parallel and Parallel-Series Circuits
    Advisor: Dr. Laura Adkins
  • Christian Gunnoe
    The Lambert W Function
    Advisor: Dr. Scott Sarra
  • Ryan Jarrell
    A comparison of two binary classifiers
    Advisor: Dr. Avishek Mallick
  • Joel Krznaric
    Modeling SARS-CoV-2 Transmission
    Advisor: Dr. Michael Otunuga
  • Skylaar Mease
    Probably Approximately Correct Learning
    Advisor: Dr. Carl Mummert
  • Kayla Skidmore
    Voronoi Diagrams
    Advisor: Dr. Bonita Lawrence
  • Scotty Wroten II
    Enumeration of Small k-Fuss Schroder Paths
    Advisor: Dr. JiYoon Jung

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