Hybrid Graduate Degree in Mathematics & Statistics

The Department of Mathematics is pleased to offer a 2 year hybrid program for a Master of Arts in Mathematics with an Area of Emphasis in Statistics. The hybrid program allows students to participate remotely in the same graduate-level classes offered face-to-face at Marshall University, and earn a full Mathematics Graduate Degree.

This program can prepare students for:

  • Careers using mathematics and statistics in business, industry, finance, and actuarial fields.
  • Doctoral studies in mathematics, statistics, finance, business, science, and engineering.
  • Teaching at the secondary or post-secondary level.


About the Hybrid Graduate Program

In this hybrid program, students participate in class in real time using collaboration software over the internet. Students can ask questions and interact with the class as it happens. This is not a correspondence program, and students must connect to the class meetings at their scheduled times, just as if they were taking the class face-to-face.

In Fall 2017, the courses will meet at MWF 12:00pm-12:50pm (STA 545.201.4538), MWF 3pm-4pm (MTH 550.201.4537), and TR 2pm-3:15pm (MTH 527.201.4536).

Students in the program need to have a reliable internet connection and a computer with a microphone and webcam installed. The software used to attend class, Blackboard Collaborate, is included in the tuition cost and is available for all major computing platforms.

Students in the program will work with Marshall University Proctoring Services to make arrangements for their written exams.


Plan of Study and Curriculum

The degree has a four-semester plan of study, with a total of 12 courses. A plan of study is made for each student to determine a collection of courses that will satisfy the degree requirements.


Fall 2017 Faculty

Raid Al-qtash
Dr. Raid Al-Aqtash will teach STA 545 – Probability and Statistics.

Dr. Al-Aqtash’s research interests are in distribution functions which focuses on generating new families of statistical distributions that can be used in modelling different real life phenomena.

Bonita Lawrence
Dr. Bonita Lawrence will teach MTH 527 – Advanced Calculus.

Dr. Lawrence’s research interests are in time scales calculus and the Differential Analyzer. She has won the West Virginia Teacher of the Year award and the Ohio MAA Teacher of the year award, among other teaching and research honors.

Mike Schroeder
Dr. Mike Schroeder will teach Math 550 – Modern Algebra.

Dr. Schroeder’s research interests are in discrete mathematics include graph theory and matroid theory. He has won the Marshall University Pickens-Queen Teaching Award.


Distance Tuition Rate

The hybrid M.A. in Mathematics degree is offered to all students at the Distance Tuition rate. This rate does not increase for out-of-state students. A student must be enrolled in a Distance Program and be designated as a Distance Student to be assessed Distance Tuition.

Get detailed information about Distance Learning Tuition and Fees.


Application Information

Students who wish to enroll in the hybrid program must complete the Admissions Process for the Marshall University Graduate College. Students who wish to earn a degree must be enrolled as degree-seeking students. During the applications process, students should indicate that they plan to enroll as a “virtual” student. When registering for classes, students in the hybrid program should enroll in the “VC” section of each course.

For students who wish to begin in Fall 2017, the application deadline is August 10, 2017.


Contact us regarding the Hybrid Mathematics Graduate Degree:

Carl Mummert

Dr. Carl Mummert
Assistant Chair for Graduate Studies
Office: Morrow Library 110