Graduate Research

Graduate students in the M.A. in Mathematics degree program have the option of taking an Comprehensive Oral Examination or writing a Thesis. Students who wish to write a Thesis should speak with the Chair of Graduate Studies during the first year, to make sure their plan of study is appropriate. Many faculty in the department are willing to advise graduate Theses; interested students should consult the list of faculty research interests and contact possible mentors directly.


Published Math Graduate Theses

Publishes Graduate Theses are available on Marshall Digital Scholar.


2021 – Math Graduate Theses

  • Fatima A Akinola
    On Hamilton cycle decompositions of complete multipartite graphs which are both cyclic and symmetric, 2021.
    Advisor: Dr. Michael Schroeder


2020 – Math Graduate Theses

  • Oluwatobiloba Ige
    Markov Chain Epidemic Models and Parameter Estimation, 2020.
    Advisor: Dr. Anna Mummert


2019 – Math Graduate Theses

  • Gboyega David Adepoju
    Statistical Analysis of Tandem Queues With Markovian Passages in Porous Mediums, 2019.
    Advisors: Dr. Alfred Akinsete and Dr. Anna Mummert
  • Junya Kasahara
    Universal Quantum Computation, 2019.
    Advisors: Dr. Carl Mummert
  • Kevin McDaniel
    An Inference-Driven Branch and Bound Optimization Strategy for Planning Ambulance Services
    Advisors: Dr. Michael Schroeder
  • Adam O’Neal
    On Monochromatic Sets with Nondecreasing Diameter, 2019.
    Advisors: Dr. Michael Schroeder
  • Christina Stradwick
    Exploring the variance of the sample variance through estimation and simulation, 2019.
    Advisor: Dr. Laura Adkins


2018 – Math Graduate Theses

  • Oluwagbenga David Agboola
    Preference Probability Based on Ranks – A New Approach Using Logistic Regression with Zero Intercept, 2018.
    Advisor: Dr. Laura Adkins


2017 – Math Graduate Theses

  • James Martin
    Local Sensitivity Analysis of Acute Inflammation, 2017.
    Advisor: Dr. Anna Mummert
  • Oluwaseun Elizabeth Otunuga
    The Pareto-g Extended Weibull Distribution, 2017.
    Advisor: Dr. Alfred Akinsete
  • Jacob Rodeheffer
    The Combinatorics of Modified Macdonald Polynomials, 2017.
    Advisor: Dr. Elizabeth Niese
  • Sean Sovine
    Weihrauch Reducibility and Finite-Dimensional Subspaces, 2017.
    Advisor: Dr. Carl Mummert


2016 – Math Graduate Theses

  • Melinda Bierhals
    A Generalization of the Difference of Slopes Test to Poisson Regression with Three-Way Interaction, 2016.
    Advisor: Dr. Laura Adkins
  • Jacob E. Fischer
    A Mechanical Investigation of Second Order Homogeneous Dynamic Equations on a Time Scale, 2016.
    Advisor: Dr. Bonita Lawrence


2015 – Math Graduate Theses

  • Alexandria Amity Amorim
    Solutions of a Logistic Equation on Varying Time Scales: A Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis, 2015.
    Advisor: Dr. Bonita Lawrence
  • Jennifer Anderson
    Multiplication Rules for Schur and Quasisymmetric Schur Functions, 2015.
    Advisor: Dr. Elizabeth Niese
  • Ram Joshi
    A Generalized Inflated Geometric Distribution, 2015.
    Advisor: Dr. Avishek Mallick


2014 – Math Graduate Theses

  • Evan Boyd
    A New Method for Ranking Quarterback Fantasy Performance with Assessment Using Distances Between Rankings, 2014.
    Advisor: Dr. Laura Adkins
  • Molly Kathryn Peterson
    Mechanical Visualization of a Second Order Dynamic Equation on Varying Time Scales, 2014.
    Advisor: Dr. Bonita Lawrence
  • Patrick Stewart
    A Generalized Inflated Poisson Distribution, 2014.
    Advisor: Dr. Avishek Mallick


2013 – Math Graduate Theses

  • Alaa Elkadry
    Transmission Rate in Partial Differential Equation in Epidemic Models, 2013.
    Advisor: Dr. Anna Mummert
  • Kayode Olumoyin
    Solutions of Dynamic Equations on Time Scales with Jumps, 2013.
    Advisor: Dr. Bonita Lawrence


2012 – Math Graduate Theses

  • Maggie Chenoweth
    A Local Radial Basis Function Method for the Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations, 2012.
    Advisor: Dr. Scott Sarra
  • Nonhle Channon Mdziniso
    Quotients of the beta-Weibull Distribution, 2012.
    Advisor: Dr. Alfred Akinsete
  • Alaeddine Saadaoui
    On the Logic of Reverse Mathematics, 2012.
    Advisor: Dr. Carl Mummert


2011 – Math Graduate Theses

  • Sher B. Chhetri
    Solutions to Dynamic Equations on Varying Times Scales. Mathematics, 2011.
    Advisor: Dr. Bonita Lawrence
  • Thomas Cuchta
    Infinitesimal Time Scale Calculus, 2011.
    Advisor: Dr. Bonita Lawrence
  • Richard Merritt
    The Theory of `Art’: Qualitative in Nature and Quantitative in Practice, 2011.
    Advisor: Dr. Bonita Lawrence
  • Jianan Sun
    Statistical Properties of a Convoluted β-Weibull Distribution, 2011.
    Advisor: Dr. Alfred Akinsete
  • Clyde Meador
    Numerical Calculation of Lyapunov Exponents for Three Dimensional Systems of Ordinary Differential Equations, 2011.
    Advisor: Dr. Anna Mummert


2010 – Math Graduate Theses

  • Grace Amusan
    The β-Maxwell Distribution, 2010.
    Advisor: Dr. Alfred Akinsete
  • Sydney Thembinkosi Mkhatshwa
    Super-spreading Events, 2010.
    Advisor: Dr. Anna Mummert
  • Devon Anne Tivener
    Mathematics in Motion: Linear Systems of Autonomous Differential Equations on the Differential Analyzer, 2010.
    Advisor: Dr. Bonita Lawrence


2009 – Math Graduate Theses

  • Xun Sun
    Twin Solutions of Even Order Boundary Value Problems for Ordinary Differential Equations and Finite Difference Equations, 2009.
    Advisor: Dr. Bonita Lawrence
  • Derek Joseph Sturgill
    Variable Shape Parameter Strategies in Radial Basis Function Methods, 2009.
    Advisor: Dr. Scott Sarra
  • Olusegun Michael Otunuga
    Finding Positive Solutions of Boundary Value Dynamic Equations on Time Scale, 2009.
    Advisor: Dr. Basant Karna


2008 – Math Graduate Theses

  • Steven Anthony Lacek
    Non-preemptive Shunting in M/M/1 and Dynamic Service Queueing Systems, 2008.
    Advisor: Dr. Alfred Akinsete
  • Tue Ngoc Ly
    Limiting Problems in Integration and An Extension of the Real Numbers System, 2008.
    Advisor: Dr. Ariyadasa Aluthge
  • Keshav Prasad Pokhrel
    A Study of Present Value Maximization of the Monopolist in Time Scales, 2008.
    Advisor: Dr. Bonita Lawrence
  • Lin Yuan
    Analysis of Listing Price Option on Ebay Market, 2008.
    Advisor: Dr. Alfred Akinsete


2007 – Math Graduate Theses

  • Hui Luo
    Population Modeling by Differential Equations, 2007.
    Advisor: Dr. Bonita Lawrence


2006 – Math Graduate Theses

  • Elizabeth R. Duke
    Solving Higher Order Dynamic Equations on Time Scales as First Order Systems, 2006.
    Advisor: Dr. Bonita A. Lawrence
  • Kelli J. Hall
    Dynamic Equations on Changing Time Scales: Dynamics of Given Logistic Problems, Parameterization, and Convergence of Solutions, 2006.
    Advisor: Dr. Bonita Lawrence
  • Christopher Aaron Johnson
    Applications of Computational Homology, 2006.
    Advisor: Dr. Peter Saveliev
  • Leslie Lillian Kerns
    Geometric Field Stability and Normal Field Curvature of Solution Sets of Ordinary Differential Equations in Two Variables, 2006.
    Advisor: Dr. Ralph Oberste-Vorth
  • Shannon Nicole Miller
    The Dynamics of Newton’s Method on Cubic Polynomials, 2006.
    Advisor: Dr. Ralph Oberste-Vorth


2005 – Math Graduate Theses

  • Diana Elizabeth Fisher
    Convergence Analysis of MCMC Method in the Study of Genetic Linkage with Missing Data, 2005.
    Advisor: Dr. Alfred Akinsete
  • Rob-Roy Lee Mace
    Reduction of the Gibbs Phenomenon Via Interpolation Using Chebyshev Polynomials, Filtering and Chebyshev-pade Approximations, 2005.
    Advisor: Dr. Scott Sarra


2004 – Math Graduate Theses

  • Nicholas J. Wintz
    Eigenvalue Comparisons for An Impulsive Boundary Value Problem with Sturm-Liouville Boundary Conditions, 2004.
    Advisor: Dr. Bonita Lawrence
  • Misty Dawn Wood
    A Frenet-Serret Apparatus on S2, 2004.
    Advisor: Dr. Judith Silver


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