Welcome to the Psychology Department at Marshall University.  The Psychology Department is housed in Harris Hall on Marshall’s campus in Huntington, WV .  The Psychology Department also has offices and offers courses on the South Charleston Campus.

We offer an undergraduate program in Psychology, a Master’s Degree in either general psychology or with a clinical emphasis, and a Doctoral Degree in Psychology with an emphasis on rural and under-served populations.

Psychology is the scientific study of human cognition, affect, behavior, and relationships. Psychologists seek to understand, predict and influence behavior through research into a wide range of issues that affect human functioning, including social, physiological, developmental, cognitive and emotional factors. Research methodology is central to the discipline, and all psychology majors learn about research strategies and methods of data analysis.

The psychology major earns a liberal arts BA degree while also preparing for a variety of post-baccalaureate options. These include:

*  graduate education in such fields as psychology, medicine, law or business

*  work in business, industry and organizations

*  work in mental health and social service settings.

Congratulations to Dr. Marc Lindberg on his retirement in May 2017

Congratulations for Dr. Steve Mewaldt on his retirement in June 2017

Welcome our 2017 incoming PsyD cohort

In April 2017, Dr. Jon Day-Brown was faculty co-advisor (along with Dr. Ralph McKinney) to one of the teams that was part of Intuit sponsored Innovation for Impact/Design for Delight competition.  Dr. Day-Brown and Dr. McKinney’s team, 42 Peaks, won this campus-wide competition.

This competition was a month-long program where MU students and faculty experimented to create potential solutions for select West Virginia social problems.    The challenge included seven teams that received training on innovation from Intuit leadership, and applied key principles to three specific challenges facing West Virginia today: providing educational opportunities for youth in rural communities, battling substance abuse and creating technology-based jobs in the state.

See the 42 Peaks team below, along with actress Jennifer Garner, who attended the award ceremony.  Members of 42 Peaks designed an app to connect people to resources, support groups, community events, peers with similar experiences, real-time video mentors and other resources.

From L-R: Dr. Jon Day-Brown, Dr. Ralph McKinney, Hunter Barclay, actress Jennifer Garner, Liz Adams, Ani Rathore, Mary Day, Deena Dahshan, Justin Hurt

November 2017 Advocating in Washington, DC

Carrie Dean, Ashley Sansone, and Sarah Reynolds, along with Marshall Faculty and Staff Members, Marianna Linz and Amy Saunders, advocated in Washington DC this week.  They advocated for Rural Behavioral Health Care and reducing barriers to graduate education.  They also presented information to a congressional briefing panel regarding rural behavioral health needs  and the importance of maintaining funding  from Graduate Psychology Education grant programs and Behavioral Health Workforce Education and Training Grants.








If you would like more information on one of our programs you may browse our site for more detailed information, email us, or contact:

Department Chair

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Undergraduate Program

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MA Clinical Program

Dr. Thomas Linz
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MA General Program

Dr. April Fugett
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PsyD Program

Dr. Keith Beard and/or Nancy Tresch-Reneau
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