Psychology majors who meet the eligibility requirements can begin taking graduate-level courses during their senior year. The advantage of this option include:

  • Using graduate-level courses to fulfill undergraduate degree requirements
  • Start work on a graduate degree during the Senior year
  • Pay lower tuition of up to 12 hours of graduate-level courses
  • Finish the graduate degree in less time.


To enroll in the accelerated graduate degree, psychology majors must:

  • Have completed at least 90 hours toward the bachelor’s degree,
  • Have an overall GPA of 3.30 or greater,
  • Have a GPA of 3.30 or greater in the major, and
    1. A course in elementary statistics such as PSY 223
    2. A course in research methods such as PSY 323, and
    3. Nine or more hours of 300- 400-level psychology courses.

The Application Process

During their Junior or Senior year, students should discuss their interests with their advisor and then meet with the department’s Coordinator of the Accelerated Graduate Degree Option. Together, the student and Coordinator will prepare and submit a Plan of Study.  AMD Plan of Study

The student’s acceptance into the accelerated degree program is subject to the approval of the Plan of Study by the Dean of the College of Liberal Arts. Once admitted, students must abide by the policies and procedures specified in the Graduate Studies Catalog published during the year of their admission to the program.

Students enrolled in the psychology accelerated graduate program are admitted to the general psychology MA program.  Admission to the MA program with an emphasis in clinical psychology or school psychology requires a separate application, and additional requirements must be met as outlined in the graduate catalog.

Students admitted to the Accelerated Graduate Degree program may begin taking courses during their senior year. Students may enroll in no more than 12 hours of graduate coursework during their senior year.

Registration For Graduate Courses

To register for graduate courses, students must submit the following form to the Registration Office with the signatures of the Chair of the Department of Psychology and the Dean of the College of Liberal Arts. {link to form}Senior-Permission-for-Graduate-Courses PSYCHOLOGY Majors

Recommended Courses

Students in the accelerated graduate degree program may complete up to 12 credit hours while they are undergraduates. Students in this program should review their options with their academic advisor and director of the accelerated degree option.


The following 500-level courses are required for the master’s degree in Psychology

  • PSY 506 Psychometrics                                                     3-Credit Hours
  • PSY 517 Intermediate Behavioral Statistics                   3-Credit Hours


The following 500-level courses are general electives for the master’s degree in Psychology

  • PSY 508 Abnormal Psychology                                     3-Credit Hours
  • PSY 515 Child Psychology                                              3-Credit Hours
  • PSY 516 Learning and Memory                                    3-Credit Hours
  • PSY 519 Psychology of Personnel                                3-Credit Hours
  • PSY 520 Introduction to I-O Psychology                   3-Credit Hours
  • PSY 526 Cross Cultural Psychology                            3-Credit Hours
  • PSY 527 Computer Applications in Psychology        3-Credit Hours
  • PSY 533 Current Models of Psychotherapy               3-Credit Hours
  • PSY 540 Physiological Psychology                              3-Credit Hours
  • PSY 543 Health Psychology                                          3-Credit Hours
  • PSY 560 History and Systems                                      3-Credit Hours


Students may enroll in Special Topics and Independent Studies with the approval of their academic advisor and enroll in 600-level courses with the approval of their academic advisor and the instructor of the course.


For more information

Coordinator of Accelerated Degree

David J. Pittenger, Ph.D.

310 Harris Hall