Welcome to the Psychology Department at Marshall University!

Psychology is the scientific study of human cognition, affect, behavior, and relationships. Psychologists seek to understand, predict and influence behavior in a variety of ways, including through research, education, counseling, and psychotherapy. Our department, located in Harris Hall on Marshall University’s robust and historic main campus, offers a variety of options to help you become exactly the kind of psychologist you want to be.

Our offerings include an undergraduate Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology .

Interested in taking your education beyond undergrad? Great! We offer the following graduate-level opportunities:

Master of Arts: General  Psychology with additional opportunities for Clinical Emphasis, for School Psychology Emphasis, and for a Statistics certificate.

Post-Master’s for School Psychology: Education Specialist (Ed.S.)

Doctorate: Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.)

We’d love to have you! Click the Programs tab at the top of this page to review more detailed requirements for each program, or the Advising tab to view our tracks which can guide you in selecting the courses that match your needs. Feel free to contact any of the faculty listed below with questions, and be sure to follow us on Facebook for updates and additional resources.

Contact Us

Department Chair
Dr. Marianna Linz
Phone: 304-696-2774
Email: linz@marshall.edu

Psy.D. Program
Dr. Keith Beard
Phone: 304-696-2781
Email: beard@marshall.edu

Undergraduate Program
Dr. Melissa Atkins
Phone: 304-696-2779
Email: stinson8@marshall.edu

Psychology Clinic Director
Dr. Penny Koontz
Phone: 304-696-2768
Email: koontz7@marshall.edu

MA Clinical Emphasis Program
Dr. Thomas Linz
Phone: 304-746-8995
Email: tlinz@marshall.edu

MA General Program
Dr. April Fugett
Phone: 304-696-2776
Email: fugett5@marshall.edu

MA School Psychology
Dr. Lanai Jennings
Phone: 304-746-2067
Email: jenningsknot@marshall.edu 

Administrative Secretary Sr.
Nancy Tresch-Reneau
Phone: 304-696-6446
Email: tresch@marshall.edu

Program Assistant III
Tracy Eubank
Phone: 304-696-2785
Email: eubank5@marshall.edu

“the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being.” – Carl Jung

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Department Announcements

Attention: The deadline for application to the Psy.D. program is December 1 for priority consideration. All materials must be received by this date. Please be sure to allow enough time for materials to arrive by this date.

Applications for admission to the Clinical Psychology Post Master’s Certificate are due by January 31st.

Upcoming Trainings: