Psychology, M.A.

Graduate Degree

A Master of Arts Degree in Psychology from Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia will make you a versatile and highly employable worker. When you enter the program will provide you with a background in:

Human Behavior
Data College and Management
Development of a Psychology Program
Observation of Findings
Technical Writing

You will develop a culturally sensitive lens through which to understand human nature and why humans live and act the way they do.

Why Study Psychology at Marshall?

As students of our graduate program in Psychology you’ll learn from faculty practicing cutting-edge techniques in the field of psychology. Our faculty provide a welcoming atmosphere allowing for you to create a connection not found in every college on campus, or at colleges in the region. Through the relationships with our faculty, you’ll get specialized individual instruction, take part in experiences only offered at Marshall University in West Virginia. These connections lead our students to internships and networking opportunities that lead to employment.

Through the relationships with our instructors you’ll find the productive direction and career path for your intensive graduate studies. Our graduate program strives to create a family like atmosphere that fosters collaboration and support rather than competition. As a result, our students’ licensure and employment rate high. Our program is split into a General M.A. in Psychology and a Clinical M.A. in Psychology.

Our program sets forth 10 goals for our students:

  1. Knowledge Base of Psychology
  2. Research Methods in Psychology
  3. Critical Thinking Skills in Psychology
  4. Application of Psychology
  5. Values in Psychology
  6. Information and Technological Literacy
  7. Communication Skills
  8. Sociocultural and International Awareness
  9. Personal Development
  10. Career Planning and Development

Career Outlook for Psychology Majors

When you earn a Master of Arts in Psychology you’re well suited for a number or professional opportunities, in both West Virginia and throughout the country. Some of the jobs that our alums are currently working in, include:

Medical School
Law Enforcement
Social Services
Behavioral Health

The graduate program prepares you for the next steps in these fields.

The 2019 median pay for psychologists is $80,370 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Opportunities for Psychology Majors

The graduate program in Psychology is the recipient of a Behavioral Health Workforce Education and Training Grant through HRSA. Our Master’s level students have the opportunity to work on projects with faculty throughout the community. Research is conducted off campus at various sites in West Virginia, such as schools, prisons and community centers. We’re also host to a Behavioral Health Speakers Bureau, where we bring in experts on many different topics.

The clinical Master or Arts Program in Psychology requires a formal clinical internship. Our hope is through the opportunities we provide, we prepare our students to be well-rounded with a diverse set of skills that can apply to several marketable psychology backgrounds. Students are prepared to understand human behavior, respond appropriately, think critically, communicate well and evaluate information. You will develop several skills that will benefit you in a wide range of workplace, professional school settings.

Graduate assistantship opportunities are available as well.

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