Dr. E. Del Chrol
Assistant Professor of Classics
Office: Harris Hall 411
Phone: 304.696.4323
Email: chrol@marshall.edu

Dr. Laura Michele Diener
Assistant Professor of Medieval History
Office: Harris Hall 115
Phone: 304.696.2954
Email : diener@marshall.edu

Dr. Whitney Douglas
Coordinator of Composition
Assistant Professor of English
Office: Corbly Hall 343
Phone: 304.696.2440
Email: douglaswh@marshall.edu

Dr. Christina Franzen
Assistant Professor of Classics
Office: Harris Hall 405
Phone: 304.696.4642
Email: franzen@marshall.edu

Dr. Kristi Fondren
Assistant Professor of Sociology and Anthropology
Office: Smith Hall 739 C
Phone: 304.696.2795
Email: fondren@marshall.edu

Dr. Jane Hill
Chair of English Department
Office: Corbly Hall 344
Phone: 304.696.6416
Email: hillj@marshall.edu

Dr. Deanna Mader
Associate Professor of Marketing & Management
Phone: 304.696.2687
Email: maderd@marshall.edu

Dr. Burnis Morris
Print Journalism Professor
Phone: 304.696.4635
Email: morrisb@marshall.edu

Dr. Paige Muellerleile
Associate Professor of Psychology
Office: Harris Hall 331C
Phone: 304.696.2771
E-mail: muellerleile@marshall.edu

Dr. Anna Mummert
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Office: Smith Hall 721
Phone: 304.696.3041
Email: mummerta@marshall.edu

Dr. Caroline Perkins
Chair of Classics Department
Office: Smith Hall 742
Phone: 304.696.2701
Email: perkins@marshall.edu

Dr. Greta Rensenbrink, Director
Associate Professor of American History
Office: Harris Hall 108
Phone: 304.696.2955
Email: rensenbrink@marshall.edu

Dr. Shawn Schulenberg
Assistant Professor of Political Science
Office: Smith Hall 739A
Phone: 304.696.2767
Email: schulenberg@marshall.edu

Dr. Mary Todd
Dean of the Honors College
Professor of Religious Studies
Office: Old Main 230
Phone: 304.696.2475
Email: toddm@marshall.edu

Dr. Kat Williams
Associate Professor of American History
Office: Harris Hall 107
Phone: 304.696.2959
Email: williamskath@marshall.edu