Women’s and Gender Studies Courses

New courses are offered every semester. Click here for a list of current and upcoming classes.

Past course options have included:

Required Intro Course

  • WS 101: Introduction to Women’s Studies (rotating faculty)


  • ANT 472/572: Language, Gender and the Body (Robin Conley Riner)
  • ART 404: Iconography of Mary (Rachel Danford)
  • ART 424: Women and Art (Heather Stark)
  • CL 210. Love and War (Del Chrol)
  • CL 231: Women in Greek and Roman Lit (Del Chrol; Christina Franzen)
  • CL 320. Love & Friendship in Ancient Greek & Roman Lit (Christina Franzen)
  • CJ 405: Women and the Criminal Justice System (Wendy Perkins)
  • CJ 440: The Criminal Justice Response to Domestic Violence (Wendy Perkins)
  • ENG 242: Women Writers (Megan Marshall, James Riemer)
  • ENG 442 Gender and Sexuality in Film (Walter Squire)
  • HST 250: Women in U.S. History (Kat Williams)
  • HST 407: History of Sex and Sexuality in the US (Greta Rensenbrink)
  • HST 408. History of LGBT Peoples (Greta Rensenbrink)
  • HST 392.  Food Markets and Modernity (Montserrat Miller)
  • HST 467: History of Fashion and Textiles (Laura Michele Diener)
  • JMC 455: Race, Gender, and Mass Media (Rob Rabe)
  • JPN 245 Modern Japanese Literature (Zelideth Rivas)
  • JPN 304: Pre-modern Japanese Literature (Zelideth Rivas)
  • PHL 340 Sexual Orientation and Gender (Jeremy Barris)
  • PHL 363: Philosophy of Feminism (Jeremy Barris)
  • PSC 419: Women and Political Thought
  • PSY 330: Human Sexual Behavior (rotating faculty)
  • PSY 430: Psychology of Women and Gender
  • PSY 499: Capstone Seminar: Women’s Health – Social Psychological Perspectives on Poverty, Sexism, and Racism (Dawn Goel)
  • SOC 408: The Family
  • SOC 430: Women in Sports
  • SOC 455: Sociology of Sex and Gender
  • SPN 408: Latin American Women
  • STHM 440: Women in Sport

Past Special Topics

  • HST 481 SpTp: Medieval Queens (Laura Michele Diener)
  • HST 636: Seminar in Women’s History (SpTp: Roman Empresses) (Laura Michele Diener)
  • HST 650: SpTp: Women in Medieval Britain (Laura Michele Diener)

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Director, Dr. Hilary Brewster

Assistant Director, Dr. Rachel Danford