Affiliated Faculty

  • Dr. Jeremy Barris
    Professor, Philosophy, Harris Hall 404,

    • Courses taught: PHL 340. Philosophy of Sexual Orientation and Gender; PHL 363. Philosophy of Feminism.
    • Related research interests: philosophies of sexual orientation and gender
  • Dr. Clinton Brown
    Assistant Professor, Communication Studies, Smith Hall 245,

    • Related research interests: reproductive choices and family planning, contested medical conditions, and communication pedagogy.
  • Dr. Del Chrol
    Professor, Classical Studies, Harris Hall 408,

    • Courses taught: CL 210. Love and War; CL 231. Women in Greek and Roman Lit; CL 471. Ancient Sexuality
  • Dr. Laura Michele Diener
    Associate Professor, History, Harris Hall 107,

    • Courses taught: HST 467. History of Fashion and Textiles; HST 481 SpTp: Medieval Queens; HST 636: Seminar in Women’s History (Special Topic: Roman Empresses); HST 650: Special Topic: Women in Medieval Britain.
  • Dr. Christina Franzen
    Associate Professor, Classical Studies, Harris Hall 406,

    • Courses taught: CL 231: Women in Greek and Roman Literature; CL 320. Love & Friendship in Ancient Greek & Roman Literature; CL 473. The Body, Sex, and Violence in Rome
  • Dr. Tacie Jones
    Assistant Professor, School of Art and Design, Visual Arts Center 414,

    • Related research interests: new media art, gender theory, trauma-informed recovery, social practice, and consciousness studies
  • Dr. Montserrat Miller
    Professor, History, Harris Hall 108,

    • Courses taught: History 392.  Food Markets and Modernity
    • Related research interests: female entrepreneurship in the food retailing sector, gender and consumerism, and women’s resistance to fascist regimes
  • Dr. Deborah Thurman
    Assistant Professor, English, Corbly 348,

    • Courses taught: WS 101. Intro to Women’s and Gender Studies

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