About Us


Our program promotes inquiry into:

  • the unique contributions of and challenges faced by women in history and contemporary society
  • the social construction of gender and how it affects all levels of human experience from individual wellness and personal relationships to widespread cultural practices and policies
  • the histories of, development of, and variations in sexual cultures, sexual identities, sexual discourses, intimate relationships, and sexual health
  • the intersections between citizenship, disability, ethnicity, gender, race, religion, sexuality, and social class


Through research and education in the above areas, we seek to ameliorate sexism and inequality and to promote social justice and the equitable treatment of all members of society.

We foster curiosity about these issues in our students and encourage them to examine both their own and others’ beliefs, customs, and values.

We affirm the value of interdisciplinary study. The topics of gender and sexuality resonate widely. Our faculty and students recognize the benefits of collaboration across disciplines.


Originally, the Women’s and Gender Studies Program and Sexuality Studies Program at Marshall were separate. However, the two programs merged in January 2022. While the two undergraduate minors remain separate degrees, the combined program is now managed by a single director with the support of an assistant director and the faculty advisory committee.

Contact Us

Please email any questions or suggestions to wgss@marshall.edu. Alternatively, you may contact:

Director, Dr. Hilary Brewster

Assistant Director, Dr. Rachel Danford