All courses below, except WS 101, are approved for certain instructors only. Check with the Director of Women’s Studies before registering for an updated list of approved Women’s Studies courses.

All current grad and undergrad   courses

Course   Title


Frequency   Taught

By   Instructor?

ANT 481
Language, Gender and the Body
Robin Conley
Every 2 years
ART 404/504
Iconography of Mary
Susan Jackson
CJ 406/506
Race, Gender, Ethnicity and Crime
Kim DeTardo-Bora
Every 2 years
CJ 440/540
Criminal Justice Response to Domestic   Violence
Peggy Brown
Every 2 years
CL 210
Love and War
Del Chrol
Every fall in the classroom
Every spring online
CL 231
Women in Greek and Roman Literature
Del Chrol
Every fall
CL 460/560
Ancient Goddess Religions
Caroline Perkins
Every 2 years
CL 471
Ancient Sexuality
Del Chrol
CULS 620
Women, Men and Cultural Change
By Instructor
ENG 240
African American Literature
Kristen Lilvis
By Instructor
ENG 242
Women Writers
Jill Treftz
By Instructor
ENG 344
Film and Fiction: Sexuality in Cinema
Walter Squire
By Instructor
ENG 414/514
19 Cent. British Novel
Jill Treftz
By Instructor
ENG 636
Selected British Writers: Jane Austin
Jill Treftz
ENG 648
Feminist Rhetorics
Roxanne Aftans
ENG 650
Domesticity in American Women’s   Literature, from Mary Rowlandson to Toni Morrison
Allison Carey
Women in Sports
Kristi Fondren
GEO 419/519
Geography of Gender
Sarah Loftus
HON 480
Shakespeare’s Women: Medicine, Misogyny   and Monstrosity
Mary Moore
HON 480
Health, Illness and the Body in Visual   Culture
Cory Pillen
HST 250
Women in US History
Kat Williams
Every fall
HST 407/507
History of Sexuality in the United   States
Greta Rensenbrink
Every third semester
HST 443
20th Century US Women’s History
Kat Williams
Every 2 years
HST 451/581
History of Women in Sports
Kat Williams
Every year
HSt 480/580
Fashion and Textiles
Laura Michele Diener
HST 636
Seminar in Women’s History
Kat Williams
Every 2 years
HST 650
Women, War and Peacebuilding
Anara Tabyshalieva
JMC 455/555
Women, Minorities, and the Media
Rob Rabe
PHL 340
Philosophy of Sex Orientation and Gender
Jeremy Barris
Every 3 years
PHL 363
Philosophy of Feminism
Jeremy Barris/ Jeff Powell
PSC 419/519
Women and Political Thought
Jamie Warner
At least once every 4 years
PSY 330
Human Sexual Behavior
Paige Muellerleile
Almost every term
PSY 430
Psychology of Women and Gender
Dawn Howerton
SOC 455/555
Sociology of Sex and Gender
Kristi Fondren
Every other fall
SPN 408
Latin American Women
Cristina Burgueno
WS 101
Introduction to Women’s Studies
Laura Michele Diener
    Kat Williams
Every Semester


Women’s Studies offers Special Topic Courses every semester. Please refer to the Women’s Studies website for course listings.