Women’s Studies Minor Requirements

To achieve a minor in Women’s Studies, the student must complete 12 hours in a Women’s Studies designated course who is taught by an approved instructor. For more information, please contact the graduate assistant, Leslee Browning (browning108@marshall.edu).

Internship Opportunities

Planned Parenthood is looking for an intern. Primary responsibilities will be helping to coordinate our lobby day and assisting in the management of grassroots advocacy, especially though social media and phone banks. If the intern is interested, there will be opportunities to attend committee meetings and floor sessions and to participate in legislative meetings on occasion, as well. The intern will work from home and will need to be able to attend events in Charleston on a regular basis. It’s a wonderful opportunity to work in a nonprofit/women’s organization and to learn a great deal about the policy process and building an advocacy movement. We are offering a $300 stipend to help cover costs of travel, etc.


For information on Scholarships for women, please visit: