Banned Books 2019 – Thirteen Reasons Why


Temporarily removed from school library shelves at the Mesa County (CO) School District because of recent teenage suicides in the community by the curriculum director. Book was returned after protest by school librarians. Banned at Red Deer Catholic School Division (Canada) after school counselors and psychologists hosted an evening discussion with families on mental health and safety over concerns that the TV series glamorized teen suicide. Banned at Stone Lakes Elementary School (FL). The principal said “Besides depicting the suicide itself in a somewhat graphic nature, there is frequent use of profanity, alcohol and sexually material (both in the book and TV show).” Retained as required reading for sophomores at a Fort Wayne (IN) Community Schools high school after a mother complained about the book. Her concerns centered on the tone of the main characters expressions, lack of mental health care, and author’s lack of moral lesson for those suffering depression. Banned from Anderson County (KY) Middle School libraries and classrooms by the superintendent after the Netflix series aired. Many viewers claim that the series based on the novel glamorizes teen suicide and unrealistically portrays relationships with adults and counselors.


Challenged and under review in the sophomore-level Academic English II classes at Lemont (IL) Hishg School District 210 because a parent considered it “pornographic.”


Challenged for drugs, alcohol, smoking, being sexually explicit, suicide, and being unsuited for age group.


A BANNED book has been removed from a library, classroom, etc.
A CHALLENGED book has been requested to be removed from a library, classroom, etc.

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