Each semester the Department of Mathematics accommodates a series of formal presentations by departmental faculty and distinguished guests regarding a variety of mathematics subjects and mathematics-related topics. For upcoming Math Colloquiums please see the Department of Mathematics Events Calendar.

2017 Spring

2017 Spring Math Colloquiums

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2016 Fall

2016 Fall Math Colloquiums

September 21
Michael Schroeder (Marshall University)
A Survey of Graph Decompositions

October 24
Elizabeth Niese (Marshall University)
The combinatorics of symmetric polynomials

November 16
Scott Sarra (Marshall University)
Radial Basis Functions Methods and their Implementation

November 30
JiYoon Jung (Marshall University)


2016 Spring

2016 Spring Math Colloquiums

January 26
Avishek Mallick (Marshall University)
A Look at Permuatation (a.k.a. Randomization) Tests

February 24
Carl Mummert (Marshall University)
Incompleteness in mathematics

March 7
Shubhabrata Mukherjee (University of Washington, Seattle)
Introduction to Genetic Epidemiology in GWAS era

March 8
Shubhabrata Mukherjee (University of Washington, Seattle)
Genetic analyses of late-onset Alzheimer’s Disease

April 6
Anna Mummert (Marshall University)


2015 Fall

2015 Fall Math Colloquiums

September 2
Michael Schroeder (Marshall University)
Tournaments: Scheduling Them Fairly and More!

September 28
Nick Loehr (Virginia Tech)
Rook Theory 101

September 29
Nick Loehr (Virginia Tech)
Sweep Maps and Bounce Paths

October 21
Micheal Otunuga (Marshall University)
Stochastic Modeling of Energy Commodity Spot Price Processes

November 4
Martha Yip (University of Kentucky)
Coloring: the Algebraic Way


2015 Spring

2015 Spring Math Colloquiums

February 4
Elizabeth Niese (Marshall University)
What do trigonometry and combinatorics have to do with each other?

February 17
David Cusick (Marshall University)
350 Years of Service … and Then Pffft!

March 4
Gregory Moses (Ohio University)
Clustering and Stability of Cyclic Solutions in the Cell Division Cycle of Yeast

March 27–28
MAA Ohio Section Meeting at Marshall University

April 14
Judy Day (University of Tennessee)
Modeling the host response to inhalation anthrax to uncover the mechanisms driving risk of disease.

April 15
Judy Day (University of Tennessee)
Determining the what, when, and how of therapeutic intervention strategies for controlling complex immune responses.


2014 Fall

2014 Fall Math Colloquiums

September 3
Carl Mummert (Marshall University)
Is that a Prime Number?

September 17
Laura Adkins (Marshall University)
Interactive Regression Models with Centering

October 1
Michael Schroeder (Marshall University)
Latin squares and their completions

October 15
Xue Gong (Ohio University)
Clustering and Noise-Induced Dispersion in Cell Cycle Dynamics (No Link to Abstract)

November 5
Richard Brualdi (University of Wisconsin–Madison)
The Gale-Berlekamp Light-Switching Problem and a Permutation Variation

November 6
Richard Brualdi (University of Wisconsin–Madison)
All Things Bruhat: Matrix Bruhat Decomposition, Complete Flags, Bruhat Order of Permutations, (0,1) and Integral Matrices, and Tournaments

November 19
Bismark Oduro (Ohio University)
Designing Optimal Spraying Strategies for Controlling Re-infestation by Chagas Vectors


2014 Spring

2014 Spring Math Colloquiums

March 10
Jeffry L. Hirst (Appalachian State University)
Alan and Ada’s Theoretical Machines

March 11
Jeffry L. Hirst (Appalachian State University)
Reverse Mathematics, Graphs, and Matchings

April 9
JiYoon Jung (Marshall University)
The topology of chain selected complexes of a poset PDF

April 11
Lingxing Yao (Case Western Reserve University)
Mathematical Modeling and Simulation for Biological Applications

April 14
Stephen Flood (University of Connecticut – Waterbury)
Path, trees, and the computational strength of a packed Ramsey’s theorem


2013 Fall

2013 Fall Math Colloquiums

October 2
Lynne Yengulalp (University of Dayton)
Topological completeness

October 30
Roger Estep (Marshall University)
Filtered leapfrog time integration with enhanced stability properties
Robert Hughes (Marshall)
Agent-based modelin of pandemic influenza

November 18
Thomas Mathew (University of Maryland-Baltimore County)
The Assessment of Bioequivalence: A Statistical Overview

November 19
Thomas Mathew (University of Maryland-Baltimore County)
Methodology and Some Applications


2013 Spring

2013 Spring Math Colloquiums

January 30
Elizabeth Niese (Marshall)
A family of Catalan objects

February 20
Anna Mummert (Marshall)
Unit costs in optimal control of epidemics

April 24
Carl Mummert (Marshall)
If 1+1=9, does 2+2=7?


2012 Fall

2012 Fall Math Colloquiums

October 3
John Drost (Marshall)
What is Strategic Voting and What Can Be Done About It?


2012 Spring

2012 Spring Math Colloquiums

January 25
Michael Schroeder (Marshall)
Cyclic Matching Sequencibility of Graphs

Feburary 22
Anna Mummert (Marshall)
Studying the recovery procedure for the time-dependent transmission rate in epidemic models

March 7
Matthew Sedlock (Johns Hopkins University)
Percolation models

March 9
Avishek Mallick (University of New Hampshire)
Inferential procedures based on samples with nondetects from normal and related distributions

March 12
Myung Soon Song (University of Pittsburgh)
An unconventional approach to likelihood of correlation matrices

April 2
Sharad Silwal (Kansas State University)
Image quality assessment methods

April 6
JiYoon Jung (University of Kentucky)
The topology of restricted partition posets PDF


2011 Fall

2011 Fall Math Colloquiums

November 8
Carl Mummert (Marshall)
Two examples from infinitary combinatorics


2011 Spring

2011 Spring Math Colloquiums

April 5
Suman Sanyal (Marshall)
Stochastic Dynamic Equations

April 8
Elizabeth Niese (Virginia Tech)
Macdonald polynomials and the hook-length formula for standard Young tableaux

April 15
Andrew Oster (École Normale Supérieure)
A laminar model for the development of the primary visual cortex

April 18
Michael Schroeder (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Phi-symmetric Hailton cycle decompositions of graphs

April 20
Remy Friends Ndangali (University of Florida)
Bound states in the radiation continuum and nonlinear effects in photonic structures

April 22. Paul Shafer (Cornell)
Coding arithmetic in the Medvedev degrees and its substructures


2010 Fall

2010 Fall Math Colloquiums

September 8
Anna Mummert (Marshall)
Get the News Out Loudly and Quickly: Modeling the Influence of the Media on Limiting Infectious Disease Outbreaks

October 13
Carl Mummert (Marshall)
The axiom of choice in mathematics and computability

November 9
Suman Sanyal (Marshall)
Stochastic Process Indexed by Time Scale


2010 Spring

2010 Spring Math Colloquiums

February 10
Anna Mummert (Marshall)
Parameter sensitivity analysis for mathematical modeling

April 14
Suman Sanyal (Marshall)
Stochastic dynamic equations and their applications

April 21
John Drost (Marshall)
Inheritance, bankruptcy, and the Talmud


2009 Fall

2009 Fall Math Colloquiums

September 16
Carl Mummert (Marshall)
Gaming around with topology

October 15
Sydney Thembinkosi Mkhatshwa (Marshall)
Super-spreading events

November 11
Duane Farnsworth (Marshall)
Approximation Numbers and Ideals of Operators


2006 Fall

2006 Fall Math Colloquiums

October 19
Peter Saveliev (Marshall)
Low level vision through topological glasses


2005 Spring

2005 Spring Math Colloquiums

February 22
Norah Esty (University of California – Berkeley)
Topological Properties of Orbit Sets for Groups of Homeomorphisms

February 24
Elmas Irmak (Michigan State University)
Mapping Class Groups

March 3
Akhtar Khan (Michigan Technological University)
An inverse problem in elasticity

April 8
Judith Silver
Conics in Projective Geometry

April 22
Bonnie Shook
Topological Approaches to Fingerprint Identification
Nathan Cantrell
Cubical Homology in Medical Imaging

April 29
Arthur Porter (Professor Emeritus, University of Toronto)
Manchester University’s Contributions to Analog and Digital Computing


2004 Fall

2004 Fall Math Colloquiums

September 24
Alfred Akinsete
The winning probability and ranking models for teams in soccer tournaments

October 8
Ralph Oberste-Vorth
From Chaos to Stability: Dynamic Equations Parameterized by Time Scales PDF

October 22
John L. Drost
What is the opposite of a prime number?

November 5
Elizabeth Duke and Kelli Hall
Time Scale Calculus and Dynamical Systems

November 19
Christopher Johnson and Peter Saveliev
Topological Proteomics: Pure Mathematics in Life Sciences


2004 Spring

2004 Spring Math Colloquiums

January 23
Yulia Dementieva
Statistical approaches to gene mapping

February 6
Linda Hamilton
Robotics of the Mars Station Program

February 19
Basant Karna (Baylor University)
Eigenvalue Comparison for Multipoint Boundary Value Problems

February 24
John (Matt) Matthews (Duke University)
Granular Materials: An Introduction & Application to Hopper Flows

February 27
Mohamed Elhamdadi (University of South Florida)
On knot invariants

March 5
Scott Sarra
Scattered Data Approximation with Radial Basis Functions

April 2
John L. Drost
Arrow’s Theorem or Why we all just can’t get along


2003 Fall

2003 Fall Math Colloquiums

September 26
John L. Drost
Addition Chains

October 10
Peter Saveliev
From slot machines to topology through calculus

October 24
Kelli Hall
Escher’s Tilings and Ribbons

November 7
Judith Silver
The Spherical Metric Project

December 5
Bonita Lawrence
Time Scales: A Snappy Link between Continuous Processes and Discrete Processes