General Education Mathematics

The general education program at Marshall University is known as the Core Curriculum. Each student has to satisfy a mathematics requirement for the Core Curriculum, as well as possibly satisfying mathematics requirements for their college and major. This page has the information you need to choose a general education mathematics class, and get on the path to completing it. In addition to this guide, you should talk with your advisor, and consult the requirements for your specific major.

Information on Math 100 and Math 102

Learn about the new developmental mathematics courses that will be offered beginning in Fall 2015.

List of General Education Math Courses

See the complete list of general education mathematics courses, with course descriptions and prerequisites.

Course Path Tool

Based on your ACT score and the general education course you wish to take, find the sequence of prerequisites that you will need to take.

Schedule of Courses

See the courses offered this semester at Marshall.

Degree Works @ MyMU

See the requirements that you need to satisfy for your degree, including the ones you have satisfied and the ones you still need to meet.

Course Catalogs

Browse the requirements for all majors.