General Education Math 100 & Math 102

Starting in Fall 2015, Marshall University will be introducing new developmental mathematics courses, Math 100 and Math 102, which prepare students to take general education mathematics. These new courses are designed to help students be more successful and graduate faster. The new courses also count as hours towards graduation, and count towards your GPA with a letter grade. In general, students with a math ACT of 19 or higher do not need to take Math 100 or Math 102.

The older Math 098 and Math 099 courses will no longer be offered beginning in Fall 2015. For students who have taken these courses already, those courses will still satisfy the prerequisites they satisfied before.

The new courses help you graduate faster by reducing the number of developmental courses you may need to take:

  • If your degree requires Math 121 or Math 125, you will take Math 100 only, and then enroll in Math 121 or Math 125. If your Math ACT score is 17 or 18, you may also choose to enroll directly in Math 121B without taking Math 100.
  • If your degree requires Math 140, Math 160, or Math 229, you will take Math 102 only. You will not take Math 100 first. Depending on the final course you wish to take, you may need to take additional prerequisites after taking Math 102.

The new Math 100 and Math 102 courses will be taught with a method known as the Emporium Model. This nationally tested method has been used by universities including UNC Chapel Hill, University of Alabama, Virginia Tech, and many others. In the Emporium Model, students work at a flexible pace during class using specially designed software. A full time instructor and one or more class assistants will be present in class to help you succeed.


For more information please visit the webpage for General Education Mathematics.