Adult and Continuing Education Programs


The Master of Science degree program in Adult and Continuing Education (ACE) is an online program designed to serve adult learners who may be employed on a full-time basis. The comprehensive program is intended for individuals who serve in an instructional, training, leadership, or professional role in human services areas of business, industry, government, community agencies, health care, or education. The program is designed for learners who aspire to become training and development professionals in business, industry, or service organizations.

Students will learn to teach adults by gaining classroom knowledge, experiencing work-based activities, and participating in projects intended to develop the competencies used by professionals in the areas of Adult Education and Evaluation, Training and Development, and Career and Technical Center Teaching. Please see the program descriptions for further information.  If you are interested in applying for admission, please contact Tammy Jones, Dr. Feon Smith, or Dr. Jessica Hanna.

Program Information

Adult Education & Evaluation
Career & Technical Center Teaching
ACE Courses

Contact Information

Dr. Feon Smith – Program Coordinator (Huntington Campus)
Primarily handles the Adult Education and Evaluation Program
Phone: (304) 696-2381

Dr. Jessica Hanna – Program Coordinator (South Charleston Campus)
Primarily handles the Career and Technical Center Teaching Program
Phone: (304) 749-8935

Tammy Jones – Administrative Secretary Sr.
Phone: (304) 746-2514

Plan of Study

Master of Science (MS) in Adult Education and Evaluation
Master of Science (MS) in Career and Technical Center Teaching

Program Brochure

ACE Program Brochure

 Applying Online

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