ACE Courses

ACE Core & Capstone Courses

Whether you pursue the Adult Education & Evaluation or the Career & Technical Center Teaching area of emphasis, the ACE program requires four core courses and a capstone course. The four core courses provide in-depth knowledge pertaining to adult education, evaluation, training & development, instructional planning, leadership theory, interpersonal communication, and intrapersonal communication.

ACE Core

  • ACE 600: Aspects of Training & Development
  • ACE 603: Introduction to Adult Education & Adult Learners
  • ACE 656: Instructional Planning for Adult Populations
  • LS 632: Human Relations in the Public Sector

ACE Capstone

  • ACE 685: Capstone


ACE Adult Education & Evaluation Courses

If your area of emphasis is Adult Education & Evaluation, you are required to take 15 credit hours (5 courses) that focus on the instruction of adults, research methods, research design, program evaluation, and grant writing, in addition to the core and capstone courses. These area specific courses will provide detailed knowledge, along with marketable skills in the field of adult education.

Adult Education & Evaluation General Courses

  • ACE 618: Literature of Adult & Continuing Education
  • ACE 628: Adult Instruction: Environmental and Personal Aspects
  • ACE 671: Evaluation of Adult & Continuing Education
  • ACE 677: Research Methodology and Design in Adult & Continuing Education
  • ACE 689: Grant Proposal Writing


ACE Career & Technical Center Teaching Courses

The Career & Technical Center Teaching licensure/certification courses are offered in partnership with the West Virginia Department of Education. Eighteen credit hours (6 courses) that will lead to certification in West Virginia to teach at career and technical centers are required in addition to the core and capstone courses.  At this time, any prospective students interested in the CTC area of emphasis must be employed at one of West Virginia’s career and technical centers to be eligible to enroll.

Career & Technical Center Teaching Certification Courses

  • ACE 508: Teaching Methods in Career & Technical Education
  • ACE 511: Introduction to Career & Technical Education
  • ACE 524: Safety in Career & Technical Education
  • ACE 631: Survey Practicum Computer Applications
  • ACE 637: Individual Computer Program Applications
  • ACE 650: Career  Education & Curriculum
  • ACE 673: Assessment in Adult/Technical Education


Please note that required courses are subject to change, and this listing is for informational purposes only. Upon acceptance into the program, you will receive a plan of study specifying all courses required to complete the program.