Counseling Information

About our Counseling Services

If you need attention in an area not listed here, please call our office on (304) 696-3111 to arrange a consultation with one of our professional counselors.


Information obtained during your counseling session will not be disclosed outside of the Counseling Center without your permission. Throughout the entire counseling process, students can expect full protection of their privacy rights including the confidentiality of written counseling services such as tests or surveys. The only exception to this is if you’re a danger to others or yourself. The Counseling Center has a duty to protect you and those around you.

Counseling Process

Students must take an active role in their counseling process to receive the full benefits. As a team, you and your counselor work together to personalize your program by discussing your goals and needs, then deciding the frequency of your sessions. This team concept helps build trust and rapport between you and your counselor while giving you control over your sessions.

There may be a time when a student and his/her counselor agree that medication may be beneficial.  In that case, the counselor will schedule an appointment for the student to talk with the Counseling Center’s psychiatric support.

Psychiatric support is offered one half day per week in the Counseling Center. Office visits are free. Only those students in an ongoing therapeutic relationship with a counselor in the Counseling Center are eligible to take advantage of this on-campus service.


A brief record of all interactions between you and your counselor are kept in the Counseling Center’s office; however, these records are not part of the Marshall University central files. University administrators or faculty do not have access to counseling files. Counseling Services is committed to protecting your privacy.

For information about off-campus mental health services in West Virginia, click here.