Per Faculty Senate Recommendation SR-08-09-36R, all instructors (full-time, adjunct/part-time, TA) scheduled to teach a course that carries the “CT” (critical thinking) designation must complete a CT Faculty Development Workshop in advance of teaching the course. (Note: Faculty members who have completed the FYS Faculty Development Institute are approved to teach CT courses; no further training is necessary.)

The CTL Faculty Development Office offers one face-to-face workshop and one online workshop per semester. In these workshops, participants learn about the criteria for CT courses and revise a course they will teach as CT in the future. Faculty who have not previously completed the workshop and are teaching a CT course in the spring 2015 will need to complete the online workshop to meet the requirements of SR-08-09-36R. To meet the requirements of SR-08-09-36R, faculty who are teaching a CT course in the summer 2015 or fall 2015 semesters will need to complete the CT (or FYS) workshop prior to teaching their course(s). You may register for the CT workshop by filling out the form below.



Spring 2015: Face-to-Face March 7, 2015 (Saturday)
8am-4pm    Old Main 109