Per Faculty Senate Recommendation SR-08-09-36R, all instructors (full-time, adjunct/part-time, TA) scheduled to teach a course that carries the “CT” (critical thinking) designation must complete a CT Faculty Development Workshop in advance of teaching the course. (Note: Faculty members who have completed the FYS Faculty Development Institute are approved to teach CT courses; no further training is necessary.)

The CTL Faculty Development Office offers one face-to-face workshop and one online workshop per semester, as shown below:




Face-2-Face October 17, 2015
8am – 4pm | Old Main 109
Online January 4-10, 2016


In these workshops, participants modify a course to meet the CT criteria. Faculty who have not previously completed the workshop and are teaching a CT course in the spring of 2016 will need to complete one of these workshops to meet the requirements of SR-08-09-36R.

You may register for the CT workshop by filling out the form below.