First Year Seminar

Catalog Course Description

First Year Seminar in Critical Thinking. 3 hrs. Students will develop intentional critical thinking skills integral to lifelong learning through inquiry, discussion, interaction, discovery, problem-solving, writing, research, reflection and examination of complex multicultural/global ideas and themes.

The overall goal of this class is to start practicing using the tools and skills that any college graduate will need in work and in life. By the time you graduate from Marshall University, you will be a much better problem solver than you are now. You will have expertise in using nine major tools (alone or together) to understand an issue, accomplish a complex task, or fix a problem. The nine tools (aka Core Domains) are:

  • communication fluency
  • creative thinking
  • ethical and civic thinking
  • information literacy
  • integrative thinking
  • intercultural thinking
  • inquiry based thinking
  • metacognitive thinking
  • quantitative thinking

This class will give you the chance to dig in and practice using five of these tools (in bold text above) right away.


April Fugett, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Center for Teaching and Learning
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Jennifer Morgan
Office Administrator
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