Textbook Readings and Resources

What is the point of FYS at Marshall University?

Read this to find out:  The Marshall Experience – S Smith – Rev. 2015

Five learning outcomes serve as the foundation for the First Year Seminar:

  1. Information Literacy
  2. Intercultural Thinking
  3. Inquiry Based Thinking
  4. Integrative Thinking
  5. Metacognitive Thinking

The following are recommended readings and resources related to each outcome:






Critical Thinking overall:


Additional readings and resources on topics of interest to FYS faculty and students:  http://www.marshall.edu/fys/first-year-seminar/faculty/readings-resources/

FYS Textbook Subcommittee Report


April Fugett, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Center for Teaching and Learning
109 Old Main

Jennifer Morgan
Office Administrator
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