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Hosted by the Center for Teaching and Learning, the Inquiring Pedagogies (iPED) Regional Teaching Conference is a professional development opportunity for faculty, staff, and administrators from Marshall University and all regionally accredited Colleges and Universities. Each year, the iPED conference offers sessions based on a central theme chosen by conference organizers. Registrants participate in interactive presentations, panel presentations, roundtable discussions, workshops, and clinics which are developed around the conference theme.

History of iPED: The conference began in 2009 as a Fall Teaching Conference, with sessions led by Marshall faculty for Marshall faculty. The conference was the annual centerpiece of the university’s efforts to provide high quality undergraduate and graduate instruction. In 2020, iPED became a regional conference, inviting regionally accredited Colleges and Universities to be both presenters and attendees. Additionally, the conference was moved to the end of the spring semester, taking place the Wednesday after Marshall’s final exam week.


Transforming Teaching and Learning through Best Practices

Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Conference Theme

Teaching and learning through a pandemic has presented our campus communities with unprecedented challenges. According to Neuwirth, Jovic, and Mukherji (2021), “The demand for faculty to promptly alter and/or entirely transform and resume the curricular instruction in response to the social and physical distancing measures was complicated by a number of critical psychosocial factors that both faculty and students faced….” They concluded that, “The mode that faculty should be in is not resumption, but rather re-envisioning and re-imagining the design and delivery of the curriculum during these unprecedented times.”

Pedagogical best practices can provide a blueprint for creating connections between teaching innovation and traditional classroom teaching. This year, we embrace an overarching theme of transformation through re-envisioning and re-imagining the “classroom.” We are called to critically examine our teaching practices that no longer serve students and make transformative changes in our courses. It is now time to do more than pivot through crisis; we must transform our pedagogical practices to meet the needs of diverse learners.

This conference is a professional development opportunity for faculty from Marshall University and surrounding colleges and universities. The theme invites faculty, staff, and administrators from Marshall University and all regionally accredited Colleges and Universities to think deeply about transformative pedagogical best practices within diverse teaching environments.

The conference begins at 8:00 am with a conference overview. Concurrent sessions will begin at 8:30am and conclude at 4:45pm.

Conference Schedule

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  • There will be fifteen minute breaks between all sessions.
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  • MSC = Memorial Student Center
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For questions, contact Jill Underhill, Ph.D. (underhillj@marshall.edu), April Fugett, Ph.D. (fugett5@marshall.edu), or Jenny Morgan (jennifer.morgan@marshall.edu).