iPED Regional Teaching Conference

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Hosted by the Center for Teaching and Learning, the Inquiring Pedagogies (iPED) Regional Teaching Conference is a professional development opportunity for faculty, staff, and administrators from Marshall University and all regionally accredited Colleges and Universities. Each year, the iPED conference offers sessions based on a central theme chosen by conference organizers. Registrants participate in interactive presentations, panel presentations, roundtable discussions, workshops, and clinics which are developed around the conference theme.

History of iPED: The conference began in 2009 as a Fall Teaching Conference, with sessions led by Marshall faculty for Marshall faculty. The conference was the annual centerpiece of the university’s efforts to provide high quality undergraduate and graduate instruction. In 2020, iPED became a regional conference, inviting regionally accredited Colleges and Universities to be both presenters and attendees. Additionally, the conference was moved to the end of the spring semester, taking place the Wednesday after Marshall’s final exam week.

2022 iPED Teaching Conference

Designing the Educational Experience for Growth, Innovation, and Renewal

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Conference Theme

Teaching and learning through a pandemic has presented our campus communities with unprecedented challenges. Many of us are exhausted from the uncertainty, anxiety, and stress we have experienced. The personal and professional hardships faced by students, staff, and faculty are still being experienced in ways no one anticipated. And yet, there is hope as we yearn for a “new normal” and opportunities for growth. Many of us are contemplating how to recover, restore, and grow our campus community through the lessons we have endured these past few years. Over the past three years, we had to become adaptable, resourceful, and resilient in the face of uncertainty. In meeting a myriad of challenges, our collective flexibility has resulted in a variety of innovations that have benefited higher education in unexpected ways. As we look to the future of teaching and learning, flexibility will continue to be foundational as we move toward increasing accessibility and serving the needs of diverse learners.

This conference is a professional development opportunity for faculty from Marshall University and surrounding colleges and universities. This year, we embrace an overarching theme of growth, innovation, and renewal, as embodied in practices that bring reflection, restoration, rejuvenation, and flexibility into our teaching and our students’ learning.

The theme invites faculty, staff, and administrators from Marshall University and all regionally accredited Colleges and Universities to think deeply about renewal, growth, and innovation.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Restorative practices that generate reflection and mindfulness
  • Strategies that support faculty in developing mindfulness and flexibility in their work
  • Classroom practices, projects, and/or initiatives (face-to-face, virtual, online, and HyFlex) that allow for renewal during times of rapid change
  • Classroom structures, projects, and/or initiatives (face-to-face, virtual, online, and HyFlex) that allow for flexibility in teaching and learning
  • Ways to grow the campus community that inspire openness and feelings of belonging
  • High-impact practices that support reflection, growth mindset, and/or flexibility
  • Tools, apps, or other resources that create opportunities to increase access
  • Tools, apps, or other resources that support flexibility in learning
  • Approaches to identifying and mitigating non-academic barriers that inhibit growth (such as gaps in technology related to access or knowledge)
  • Ways to examine and assess the opportunities to increase access through course formats (face-to-face, virtual, HyFlex, and online)
  • Impact of curricular and co-curricular community engagement opportunities on openness and flexibility


Conference Schedule

The conference begins at 8:00am with a conference overview. Concurrent sessions will begin at 8:15am and conclude at 5:45pm.

Comprehensive Schedule

  • For more information about a session, click on the session title.
  • Recorded presentations will be available all day on demand (via Microsoft Teams).

Session Formats:

  • Traditional: Face-to-face with an audience (session may be recorded and posted for viewing after the conference)
  • HyFlex: Face-to-face with some audience members, others join virtually via Microsoft Teams; live recording posted after the session
  • Virtual: Live audience on Microsoft Teams (session may be recorded and posted for viewing after the session)
  • Simulive: Pre-recorded presentation posted ahead of the conference; Live Q & A occurs virtually on Microsoft Teams while your recording is being played during a presentation slot
  • Recorded: Fully pre-recorded presentation with no live elements


Conference Registration

Registration for Marshall University faculty, staff, administration, and teaching assistants – REGISTRATION CLOSED

Registration for regionally accredited Colleges and Universities – REGISTRATION CLOSED


For questions, contact Jill Underhill, Ph.D. (underhillj@marshall.edu), April Fugett, Ph.D. (fugett5@marshall.edu), or Jenny Morgan (jennifer.morgan@marshall.edu).