Communities of Practice: AY 2019-2020

The Center for Teaching and Learning hosts various communities of practice (CoPs) as needed by the faculty. Participating in a community of practice requires a commitment to meet together 6-8 times (about every 2-3 weeks) over the course of a semester. In most cases, CoPs work over a two-semester period. In addition to the meetings, participants will read, collaborate, and make progress on individual projects between meetings. Each participant will actively contribute as responders, facilitators, peer reviewers and experts in selected areas of teaching and learning. Faculty should consider their other professional commitments before applying.

CUREs: Course-based Undergraduate Research Experiences

Conducting research at a primarily undergraduate institution is a challenging task. Faculty need to balance teaching, research and service; often with an expectation to achieve research excellence but without the advantages of well-funded graduate programs. This challenge presents an opportunity for faculty to think creatively and strategically about the relationship between their research and teaching.

This community of research practice is dedicated to promoting the achievement of faculty teaching and research goals by providing course-based undergraduate research experiences (CUREs) for students. Although more commonly associated with STEM programs, CUREs are employed across many disciplines…

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