Marshall University Distinguished Artists and Scholars Award (MU-DASA)

The purpose of this award is to recognize distinction in the fields of artistic and scholarly activity on the part of Marshall University faculty. Up to three individual awards and one team award will be given yearly at the Spring General Faculty meeting.


Applicants must:

  • be either tenured or hold a tenure-track appointment at the ranks indicated for each of the awards.
  • shall have completed a significant portion of the artistic and/or scholarly body of work while at Marshall University.


Applications for the 2023-24 academic year will be accepted through February 15, 2024.

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Award Categories

Individual Awards

THREE awards for individual faculty members are given:

  1. ONE senior recipient, holding the rank of Associate or Full Professor, shall be selected from among those tenured/tenure-track faculty in the sciences and technology (including the Colleges of Science, Medicine, Pharmacy, Health Professions, and Information Technology and Engineering).
  2. ONE senior recipient, holding the rank of Associate or Full Professor, shall be selected from among those tenured/tenure-track faculty in the arts, social sciences, humanities, education, and business (including the Colleges of Education and Professional Development, Liberal Arts, Arts and Media, and Business).
  3. ONE junior recipient shall be selected from among all tenured/tenure-track faculty holding the rank of Assistant Professor.

Senior faculty recipients will be given $2,000 each, whereas the junior faculty recipient will be given $1,000. The awards shall be given only when candidates’ applications are judged to be of significant merit by the DASA Committee.

Team Award

ONE team award may be given each year. The award shall be given only when a candidate team’s application is judged to be of significant merit. A team shall constitute at least two faculty who hold tenured or tenure-track appointments at Marshall University and who have worked together on the same body of work. Faculty may only be considered for one award (individual or team) for a body of work. An amount of $2,000 will be given to the team award winners (to be divided equally among the team members).


The following criteria will be applied in the selection of an award recipient:

  1. Artistic criteria
    • Forms include, but are not limited to: literary, musical, choreographic, theatrical, and visual arts; performance; directing or conducting; production; design
    • Artistic evidence includes, but is not limited to: publications, exhibitions, performances, broadcasts, published reviews, public and professional recognition, juried competitions, professional awards, fellowships, grants and commissions (with the understanding that these may well be in smaller dollar amounts than those in the sciences)
  2. Scholarly Criteria
    • Forms include, but are not limited to: peer-review papers, articles and books, solicited reviews (of books or research); regional, national, and international meetings (invited papers and papers presented will carry the most weight, but the organizing of major conferences, the chairing of sessions and the attending of major national and international conferences and symposia are also worth noting);
    • Scholarly evidence includes, but is not limited to: dissemination to professional and scholarly audiences, professional awards, patents, grants (dollar amounts will be weighted according to field).

General Information for all Awards

  • Applications should describe an “outreach component” (the dissemination or sharing of artistic and scholarly activity with an audience beyond that of academic peers). This may include, but is not limited to: students, the general public, or non-academic professionals.
  • Applications will be weighted in accordance with the professional standards in the particular field.
  • During the course of its deliberations the committee may elect to consult with recognized experts in the applicant’s field.
  • While teaching as a criterion will not be considered for this award the percentage of time that the applicant spends teaching may be a relevant factor because time left for artistic/research activity may be affected.
  • While the committee will strive to adhere to its stated standards, it may have to consider other factors and exceptions as particular cases arise.
  • The best candidate selected by the committee must meet minimum standards to become the award recipient. Minimum standards are defined as follows: the submission must constitute a significant body of artistic, scholarly, or creative work with a recognized impact in a specific discipline at a national level.

How to Apply

Submit your application by completing the online application form. You will be asked to upload three documents, which are described below. The fourth document will be sent directly to Jennifer Morgan.

Applications should include the following:

  1. A current curriculum vitae
  2. A one-page discussion of eligible artistic or research/scholarly activity
  3. A PDF of one publication (journal article) or relevant portion (book chapter); or electronic evidence of artistic work (video, audio, image)
  4. One supporting letter from another faculty member. Letter writers should send these directly to Jennifer Morgan ( by the application deadline.


Previous award winners may be found here:

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