Faculty Awards, Grants and Fellowships

2020-2021 Faculty Award Winners


Hedrick Outstanding Faculty Award

Kristen Lillvis (Department of English)


Reynolds Outstanding Teacher Award

Dan Holbrook (Department of History)


Pickens-Queen Teacher Award

Hanna Kozlowski (School of Art and Design)

Georgiana Logan (Department of Health Sciences)

Ross Salary (Weisberg Department of Mechanical Engineering)


Council of Chairs Award for Excellence in Teaching

Shannon Miller-Mace (Department of Mathematics)


MU Distinguished Artists & Scholars Awards:

Senior Recipient for Arts, Social Sciences, Humanities, Education & Business

David Trowbridge (Department of History)

Senior Recipient for Sciences & Technology

Komal Sodhi (School of Medicine)

Team Recipient in All Fields

Robert Ellison (Department of English)

Larry Sheret (University Libraries)

Junior Recipient in All Fields

Husnu Narman (Department of Computer Sciences and Electrical Engineering)


Hedrick Program Grant for Teaching Innovation

Jill Underhill (Department of Communication Studies)

Hanna Kozlowski (School of Art and Design)

Megan Marshall (Department of English)


Hedrick Faculty Teaching Fellow

Allyson Goodman (W. Page Pitt School of Journalism and Mass Communications)


Faculty Awards

(Administered through the Center for Teaching and Learning)

Faculty Grant

Faculty Fellowship