Faculty Awards, Grants and Fellowships

2019-2020 Faculty Award Winners

Hedrick Outstanding Faculty Award

Dan Hollis (School of Journalism & Mass Communications)


Reynolds Outstanding Teacher Award

Joshua Brunty (Department of Forensic Sciences)


Pickens-Queen Teacher Award

Cynthia Jones (Department of Pharmaceutical Science & Research)

Wendy Perkins (Department of Criminal Justice & Criminology)

Jana Tigchelaar (Department of English)


Council of Chairs Award for Excellence in Teaching

Joni Magnusson (Department of English)


MU Distinguished Artists & Scholars Awards:

Senior Recipient for Arts, Social Sciences, Humanities, Education & Business

Dawn Goel (Department of Psychology)

Senior Recipient for Sciences & Technology

Suzanne Strait (Department of Biological Sciences)

Team Recipient in All Fields

Kristen Lillvis (Department of English)

Hilton Cordoba (Department of Geography)

Stefan Schoberlein (Department of English)

Junior Recipient in All Fields

Haroon Malik (Weisberg Division of Computer Science)


Hedrick Program Grant for Teaching Innovation

Robin Riner (Department of Sociology & Anthropology)

Christina Franzen (Department of Classics)

Christopher White (Department of History)

Kimberly White (Department of Social Work)


Hedrick Faculty Teaching Fellow

Rachel Peckham (Department of English)


Faculty Awards

(Administered through the Center for Teaching and Learning)

Faculty Grant

Faculty Fellowship