Faculty Award Winners

2022-2023 Faculty Award Winners

Hedrick Outstanding Faculty Award

Rachael Peckham (Department of English)

Reynolds Outstanding Teacher Award

Jill Treftz (Department of English)

Pickens-Queen Teacher Award

Timothy Bryan (Department of Accounting and Legal Environment)

Mehdi Esmaeilpour (Weisberg Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering)

Megan Marshall (Department of English)

Council of Chairs Award for Excellence in Teaching

Laura Stapleton (Department of Mathematics)

MU Distinguished Artists & Scholars Awards:

Senior Recipient for Arts, Social Sciences, Humanities, Education & Business

Vicki Stroeher (School of Music)

Senior Recipient for Sciences & Technology

Maria Serrat (Department of Biomedical Sciences)

Team Recipient in All Fields

Wael Zatar (Department of Civil Engineering)

Gang Chen (Weisberg Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering)

Junior Recipient in All Fields

Kyle Palmquist (Department of Biological Sciences)

Hedrick Program Grant for Teaching Innovation

Pamela Holland (Department of Communication Disorders)

Ralph McKinney (Department of Management and Health Care Administration)

Lori Howard (Special Education Program)

Penny Koontz (Department of Psychology)

Marianna Linz (Department of Psychology)

Richard Egleton (Department of Biomedical Sciences)