2021 iPed Regional Teaching Conference

Conference Theme

“The Great Educational Pivot:  The Impact of Change & Change Agents on Teaching & Learning”

Everyone who knows anything about higher education knows that change occurs slowly – except when it doesn’t. Sometimes, like in the spring of 2020, forces beyond our control penetrate our comfortable cocoon of security and sameness. Consequently, all of us experienced, and continue to experience, what has been referred to as “The Great Educational Pivot.” And, while this may not have been the greatest change ever experienced by higher education, it is certainly the greatest change that has happened in our collective experience of higher education.

This conference is a professional development opportunity for faculty from Marshall University and surrounding colleges and universities. The “what” of the conference is the over-arching theme of change, as embodied in “The Great Educational Pivot.” The “why” of the conference is a change agent, as embodied in COVID19 (this time).

As principal actors in higher education, we would be remiss if we did not take this opportunity to capture our learning and to use what we have learned to be more ready for the next change agent catapulting us into action.

The theme invites faculty, staff, and administrators from Marshall University and all regionally accredited Colleges and Universities to think deeply about change, change agents, and their impact.

The virtual conference begins at 8:30am with a conference overview. Concurrent sessions will begin at 8:45am and conclude at 5:15pm.

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  • Recorded presentations will be available all day on demand (via Microsoft Teams).