2022 iPED Regional Teaching Conference: General Information

Conference Theme

“Designing the Educational Experience for Growth, Innovation, and Renewal”

Teaching and learning through a pandemic has presented our campus communities with unprecedented challenges. Many of us are exhausted from the uncertainty, anxiety, and stress we have experienced. The personal and professional hardships faced by students, staff, and faculty are still being experienced in ways no one anticipated. And yet, there is hope as we yearn for a “new normal” and opportunities for growth. Many of us are contemplating how to recover, restore, and grow our campus community through the lessons we have endured these past few years. Over the past three years, we had to become adaptable, resourceful, and resilient in the face of uncertainty. In meeting a myriad of challenges, our collective flexibility has resulted in a variety of innovations that have benefited higher education in unexpected ways. As we look to the future of teaching and learning, flexibility will continue to be foundational as we move toward increasing accessibility and serving the needs of diverse learners.

This conference is a professional development opportunity for faculty from Marshall University and surrounding colleges and universities. This year, we embrace an overarching theme of growth, innovation, and renewal, as embodied in practices that bring reflection, restoration, rejuvenation, and flexibility into our teaching and our students’ learning.

The theme invites faculty, staff, and administrators from Marshall University and all regionally accredited Colleges and Universities to think deeply about renewal, growth, and innovation.

The virtual conference begins at 8:00am with a conference overview. Concurrent sessions will begin at 8:15am and conclude at 5:45pm.

Conference Schedules:  Comprehensive Schedule

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  • Recorded presentations will be available all day on demand (via Microsoft Teams).