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MUOnLine offers over 150 E-Courses every semester! The MUOnLine classroom is available 24 hours a day from any location. Students participate and collaborate electronically through forums, chats, and e-mail for a complete class experience. The online format also allows for a high level of dynamic interaction between the instructor and students as well as student to student.


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Welcome to Marshall University! Marshall provides you with all of the resources to make your online learning experience a successful one. You will have the same access to support services as all other MU students and some extra ones specifically for you as a distance learner. You can access those under the Resources section below or via the myMU portal once you’ve logged in with your MUNet credentials.


This content will help you learn how to use MyMU, how to take a class online, resources and about academic policies and procedures.

If you are interested in orientation on campus, please check out the information provided by the Office of Recruitment.

Is Online learning for you?

Read the article below and then complete the following online learning self-assessment to see how you rate as an online learner.

Then watch this video for additional information about online learning from student and faculty perspectives.

The Student Resource Center will support and enhance the academic, professional and personal goals of Marshall University students by providing opportunities for students to discuss with appropriate personnel who can evaluate and help resolve academic and other service-related challenges.

Michelle Barbour – Career Counselor
Marshall University Student Resource Center

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