Faculty Liaisons for Online Innovation

Role Summary

As a Faculty Liaison for Online Innovation, you will play a crucial role in enhancing the online teaching and learning experience at Marshall University. Your primary responsibilities will involve proactively identifying and communicating any challenges or areas for improvement in the online environment, collaborating with the Design Team in the creation of content, and serving as a key resource during faculty presentations and training sessions.  

Goals for Individual Contributions: 

  • Host at least one faculty training per month. 
  • Record one best practices video per month.  
  • Support faculty peers in recording course intro videos. 
  • Communicate challenge areas. 
  • Form and lead college cohorts for targeted training. 

Goals for Collaborative Contributions: 

  • Collaborate with the Design Team in vetting a humanistic Quality Assurance process. 
  • Co-develop QA standards and procedures for 3-year course reviews. 
  • Conduct the first series of 3-year course reviews. 
  • Plan for future Faculty Learning Communities. 
  • Collaborate with the Design Team to submit a course for Anthology’s Exemplary Course Program. 
  • Collaborate with the Design Team to create Course Design workflows. 

*Goals may vary by semester and will be clearly stated on individual contracts.

Time Commitment

The expected weekly time commitment for this role is around 5 hours or less on average for one academic semester.  


The compensation for this role is $1,500 per semester, with $500 awarded at the start of the term and $1,000 awarded at the end of the term.

Selection Process

The selection process for this role involves an application, signature on appointment, and review/support of the Dean and Chair. 


Must be a faculty member at Marshall University. 



As a Faculty Liaison for Online Innovation, you will have the opportunity to influence and shape the development of exceptional online courses, gain valuable experience in faculty development, and contribute significantly to the success of our online education initiatives. 

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