Program Overview

Marshall University’s Master of Science in Forensic Science Degree Program is a nationally-recognized leader in forensic science education. Our students receive instruction using state-of-the-art equipment and facilities preparing them for a bright future and exciting careers. The goal of the Master of Science Degree Program is to provide the forensic science community with graduates who possess the knowledge, skills, and abilities sought by crime labs and other law enforcement entities and to assist these agencies in reducing the requirement for employer-based, on-the-job training.

FEPAC logoThe FEPAC- Accredited Forensic Science Master’s Program provides a broad-based graduate level curriculum in forensic science. In addition to the core curriculum, the Marshall University Forensic Science Program offers four areas of emphasis: DNA Analysis, Forensic Chemistry, Digital Forensics, and Crime Scene Investigation. While one area of emphasis is required, students may complete up to four areas of emphasis during their standard five-semester/2-year course of study. Completing multiple areas of emphasis is contingent on maintaining good academic standing while enrolled in the program. Our program is unique in that it encourages a variety of specialties, unlike other graduate programs that require a pre-enrollment commitment to a single field of study.

A summer internship between the first and second year provides the student with real-world experience in a variety of specialty areas. Several on-site internships are offered in DNA Analysis, Forensic Chemistry, Digital Forensics, and Crime Scene Investigation. For specialty areas not offered within MUFSC facilities, students have interned in crime laboratories across the state and nation. Also, the Technical Assistance Program offers a unique opportunity for students to serve as a well-trained technical assistant in crime labs across the country in meeting their DNA validation evaluation goals.

The success of any program is measured by the success of its graduates. Graduates of the Forensic Science Program are well received by the forensic science community. Alumni span across the globe; many are employed by the FBI, ATF, DEA, AFDIL, Secret Service, State Department, state crime labs, private laboratories and agencies. Several graduates have utilized their Master of Science degree in Forensic Science as a stepping stone to pursue Ph.D., J.D., and M.D. degrees.

The future is bright for the Marshall University Forensic Science Program, its students and graduates.

MUFSC’s Master of Science Degree Program is coordinated through the Marshall University Graduate College.