Emphasis in DNA Analysis

DNA Analysis

The Marshall University Forensic Science Center is home to the academic program as well as a service-oriented DNA laboratory.  The Combined DNA Index System (CODIS) for West Virginia is a secure facility that uses state-of-the-art technology. MU DNA Lab faculty and staff serve as instructors and supervisors for various DNA-based courses while providing select students with real-world experience, training, and exposure to the inner workings of a forensic DNA laboratory.  The DNA emphasis exceeds the DNA Advisory Board standards by requiring a total of 12 graduate level credit hours addressing the DNA guidelines. For the Forensic DNA Analysis area of emphasis, the student must complete the following courses in addition to the core curriculum:

DNA Analysis Curriculum

Course Number Course Name & Description Credit Hours
FSC 603 Genetics & DNA Laboratory
Laboratory to be offered in conjunction with FSC 604 Genetics and DNA Technology stressing techniques and methods required for DNA analysis used in forensic case investigations, in CODIS laboratories and in paternity testing
FSC 600 Cellular/Molecular Biology
A study of the molecular biology of the cell and its organelles, cell interactions, and differentiation. The course is designed to satisfy the requirements set-forth by the DNA Advisory Board (DAB).
BSC 550 Molecular Biology
Advanced principles in molecular function emphasizing current research using recombinant DNA methodology.
FSC 627 Human Genetics
The course focuses on heritable human diseases. Major topics include the metabolic/molecular basis and detection of inherited disease, gene mapping, and genetic risk assessment. Topics in population genetics and statistical approaches are included. This course is designed to satisfy the requirements set-forth by the DNA Advisory Board (DAB).
FSC 629 Advanced DNA Technologies
This course will provide advanced instruction in DNA technologies to assist in the preparation for a career in a forensic DNA laboratory.
Emphasis Credit Hours 8
Total Credit Hours (with Core Courses) 46


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