Mission & Vision


It is the mission of the Marshall University Forensic Science Graduate Program to provide quality forensic science education, advanced scientific analysis and innovative economic opportunity for the promotion of truth and justice in our community, state and nation.


The Marshall University Forensic Science Graduate Program will demonstrate leadership in forensic science in order to:

  • Provide affordable, high quality graduate education appropriate for the nation, state and the region.
  • Provide forensic science services and resources to promote student learning, retention, and academic success.
  • Foster faculty, staff, and student outreach through forensic science service activities.
  • Provide instruction in forensic science using appropriate modes of delivery.
  • Provide forensic science education, training, and community services that promote regional safety and justice.
  • Promote forensic science student involvement in economic development through research, collaboration, and technological innovations.
  • Remain current in the field of forensic science while incorporating that expertise into the educational process.
  • Improve instruction through the use of innovative teaching methods that promotes students learning and the develop of critical thinking skills necessary for life-long learning.
  • Contribute to the forensic science body of knowledge through education, training, research, and other services;
  • actively engage and mentor students in scholarly, artistic, and creative endeavors.
  • Regularly review the curriculum, degree, and programs offered, and recommend necessary additions and deletions to meet changing needs of the forensic science profession.
  • Encourage and enhance student ability to use their knowledge, creativity, and critical thinking skills to make their communities better places in which to live.
  • Secure funding to support scholarship, artistic, and creative endeavors, faculty and staff development, and state-of-the-art classrooms.
  • Facilitate the Forensic Science Program and Center’s achievement of its mission and vision; communicate the vision, mission, goals, achievements, and difficulties of the Forensic Science Center and Graduate Program in a clear, effective, and forthright manner to both internal and external constituencies.


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