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Emphasis in Forensic Chemistry

Forensic Chemistry

Students pursuing careers in forensic drug analysis, toxicology, and trace evidence will benefit from the completion of the Forensic Chemistry emphasis. As some agencies may require 30 or more hours of chemistry coursework, the Forensic Chemistry emphasis provides additional education and hands-on training to meet these federal and state guidelines. The courses required to complete the Forensic Chemistry emphasis include:

Forensic Chemistry Curriculum

Course Number Course Name & Description Credit Hours
FSC 608 Forensic Toxicology
An in-depth analysis of both clinical and forensic aspects of toxicology from the viewpoint of the forensic and medical examiner’s toxicology laboratories.
FSC 626 Forensic Drug Analysis
Concentration on modern analytical methods used in isolation and identification of illicit drugs and their metabolites in biological samples and other forensic evidence.
FSC 628 Chemical Analysis of Trace Evidence
This course emphasizes the use of various sensitive analytical techniques including pyrolysis-GCMS, micro-FTIR, GPC, capillary electrophoresis and chemical microscopy in the analysis of trace evidence including paint, inks, fibers, explosives and plastics.
Emphasis Credit Hours 7
Total Credit Hours (with Core Courses) 45


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