Faculty & Staff Contacts

For inquiries about the Graduate Program:
Email: forensics@marshall.edu
Telephone: +1-304-691-8931
Facsimile: +1-304-691-8929

Program Staff

Name Title Telephone Email
Dr. Catherine Rushton Director of Graduate Program 304-691-8931 rushton1@marshall.edu
Tiffany Hussell Program Manager 304-691-8964 crum26@marshall.edu
Connie Myers Program Assistant 304-691-8963 myersco@marshall.edu
Kelly Beatty, M.S.F.S. Technical Assistance Program (TAP) 304-691-8953 kbeatty@marshall.edu

For the Forensic DNA Analysis Laboratory contact information, visit forensics.marshall.edu.

Program Faculty & Instructors

Name Course Area Telephone Email
Kelly Beatty, M.S.F.S. Forensic DNA Technology, Forensic Statistical Issues, Human Genetics 304-691-8953 kbeatty@marshall.edu
Josh Brunty, M.S. Digital Forensics 304-691-8965 josh.brunty@marshall.edu
Kent Bryson, J.D. Legal Issues 304-691-8931 bryson@live.marshall.edu
Dave Castle, B.S. Advanced Crime Scene 304-617-6331 dcastle@hpdwv.com
Menashi Cohenford, Ph.D. Biochemistry 304-696-3965 cohenford@marshall.edu
Steve Compton, B.S. Advanced CS Photography 304-691-8972 scompton@hpdwv.com
Victor Fet, Ph.D. Molecular Biology 304-696-3116 fet@marshall.edu
Laura Kuyper, M.S. Lab Management 304-691-8931 kuyper1@marshall.edu
Gary Rankin, Ph.D. Pharmacology, Toxicology 304-696-7319 rankin@marshall.edu
Catherine Rushton, Ed.D. Microscopy, Comparative 304-691-8968 rushton1@marshall.edu
Ted Smith, M.S. Lab Management 304-691-8931 smith251@marshall.edu
Monica Valentovic, Ph.D. Pharmacology, Toxicology 304-696-7332 valentov@marshall.edu
Lauren Waugh, Ph.D. Forensic Chemistry, Toxicology, Trace Evidence, Drug Analysis 304-690-4377 richards18@marshall.edu
Terry Fenger, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus 304-691-8960 fenger@marshall.edu

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