Kelly Beatty, M.S.F.S.

Kelly Beatty
Associate Professor
FSC A217


Kelly Beatty has been a professional in the field of Forensic DNA Analysis for more than ten years. She graduated from West Liberty State College with a B.S. in Biology in 1998 and from Marshall University with a M.S. in Forensic Science in 2000. As a working scientist, Kelly has performed DNA testing and interpretation on over 400 cases and reviewed testing and interpretation in more than 200 cases.

Kelly has trained more than 300 forensic analysts to statistically assess biological relationships. She was previously a Forensic DNA Analyst and the Parentage Laboratory Supervisor at the Marshall University Forensic Science Center in Huntington, WV.

Currently she has the honor of instructing her alma mater in Forensic Statistics and Human Genetics graduate courses.