Dr. Rankin featured in Forensic Nexus Q/A session

Forensic Nexus Q/A Session with a Forensic Chemistry expert and professor! August 22, 2011,  Forensic Nexus Forensic Nexus would like to introduce you to Dr. John G. Rankin, a Forensic Chemistry professor at Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia. Dr. … Continued

Marshall Forensics Professor Receives Grant to Analyze Fire Debris – Forensic Magazine

Marshall University has received a $540,752 grant from the National Institute of Justice for a two-year project to study factors that affect interpretation of data by fire debris analysts and to develop a computer program to aid in interpretation. Dr. J. Graham Rankin, a professor of forensic chemistry in the Forensic Science Graduate Program at Marshall, is conducting the study, which began January 1, 2011.

Forensic Scientist – Chemistry, Palm Beach, FL

Forensic Scientist Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office www.pbso.org IRC12901 Forensic Sciences Division Department Description: The Crime Laboratory provides scientific support to all law enforcement agencies in Palm Beach County, including Federal, State and Local agencies. The laboratory provides analyses and … Continued

CRIMINALIST II – Chemistry, Charlotte, NC

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department Crime Laboratory Charlotte, North Carolina CRIMINALIST II – Chemistry This is technical and advanced professional level laboratory work in a specialized field relating to crime analysis.  Work involves the application of laboratory techniques, materials, equipment and instruments … Continued