Forensic Science Graduate Program and student organization to host crime scene investigation workshop

Marshall’s forensic science graduate students and faculty will  present a crime scene investigation workshop for high school students from  Fairview High School of Ashland, Ky., Oct. 28 and Nov. 4 at MU’s crime scene  house.

About 55 high school science students are expected to attend the “CSI  Huntington” workshop. They will participate in lectures, demonstrations and  hands-on experiments in areas of DNA analysis, firearms identification,  fingerprint analysis, blood pattern analysis and digital forensics. They will  also tour the Forensic Science Center’s accredited forensic DNA laboratory which  provides assistance to state and local law enforcement agencies across the  United States.

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Marshall’s Crime Scene House draws national attention

May 23, 2010– PAUL SEBERT, The Herald-Dispatch – Huntington, like all cities, may have some rough neighborhoods but 524 5th Ave., may be the most crime-ridden place in the area.
Hardly a week goes by without a break-in, a computer crime and a possibly a murder or two. Purchased by Marshall University in 2006, this historic home now serves as a crime scene lab for the Marshall University Forensic Science Center. Using simulated blood, fingerprints, bullet cartridges, footprints and more, the school can now simulate a dizzying number of crime scenes…