Undergraduate Degrees in Geography

The Marshall Univeristy Geography Department offers both a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) and Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Geography. In addition the department offers a Minor in Geography, Minor in Meteorology, and Minor or Certificate in GIScience.

Bachelor of Arts in Geography

The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Geography has 7 required courses and ends with a capstone course sequence. To ensure the most well-rounded students, students complete additional credit hours of any geography courses. This undergraduate degree in geography requires a minimum total of 37 hours of geography coursework. Complete your Bachelor of Arts in Geography Online!

Bachelor of Science in Geography

Like the B.A., the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Geography also has 7 required courses and ends with a capstone course sequence. Students complete additional credit hours from the list of physical geography and GIScience courses. The B.S. in Geography requires a minimum total of 42 credit hours of geography coursework. To make up for more credit hours for this undergraduate degree, including the meteorology and weather broadcasting areas of emphasis), students are exempted from the college foreign language requirement. Complete your Bachelor of Science in Geography Online!

All undergraduate degrees in geography require a C or better in geography courses if those hours are to count toward the major requirements. For up-to-date requirements and electives, consult the Undergraduate Catalog for the year in which you declared your major. 

Minors and Certificates in Geography

Minor in Geography
A minor in geography requires at least 12 credit hours in geography. Any GEO course is acceptable to fulfill the minor requirement. Several courses in geography fulfill university General Education or College of Liberal Arts requirements.

It is possible to get a minor in geography using online courses! We currently offer 15+ online courses from which you may choose.

Minor in Meteorology
A minor in meteorology requires at least 14 credit hours. Required courses: GEO230 Intro Meteorology (CT), GEO350 Severe Local Storms and Natural Hazards, and GEO360 Weather Analysis. Optional courses: GEO101 Physical Geography (CT), GEO425 Climatology, GEO483 Meteorology Special Topics, GLY150 Oceanography. Courses may not count for both a major and a minor.

Minor or Certificate in GIScience
The Geography Department participates in an interdisciplinary Minor in Geospatial Information Science. Coursework may not count for both a major and a minor but may count for the major and certificate.

Please see the Geospatial Information Science web site for more information.