When you commit to studying history at Marshall, we commit to you and your future.  Our department combines excellence in teaching with an active and involved student community.  Preparing you for a successful career and productive citizenship remains our priority.

As a student in the Department of History, you will…

Explore and have fun.

  • Choose from dozens of exciting classes
  • Join the history club! Meet other history-lovers for excellent adventures
  • Explore collections of real-life historical artifacts that you can touch
  • Uncover the truth behind Assassin’s Creed and other games
  • Meet historians from all over the world
  • Raise a cup of mead at our Viking feasts and celebratory banquets



Gain the skills of a professional historian.

  • Solve historical mysteries in unexpected places
  • Read history critically and thoughtfully
  • Plan and execute research projects
  • Write history with your own original analysis
  • Develop your work and leadership skills through internships
  • Present your research in professional settings



So you can put history to work for you!

  • Share your love of history as a teacher or professor
  • Bring history to life for the public as a museum or historical site specialist
  • Work in historical conservation as an archivist or preservationist
  • Be a researcher or writer for a government agency or business
  • Become a lawyer or a research librarian
  • Take on leadership roles in business or a non-profit agency, or better yet, start your own

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In the Community

History student Adrienne Hall and Dr. Molly Mersmann at the Ceredo historical site The Ramsdell House. The former home of an abolitionist and a stop on the Underground Railroad, the Ramsdell House has am amazing collection of 19th century letters and artefacts. Hall is serving as a student intern this spring under Dr. Mersmann's supervision.