The Department of History at Marshall University is energetic department of thirteen full-time faculty. Each semester we offer more than 50 courses (including a number fully online), which meet the needs of over 2000 students per year. Currently, the department serves about 100 undergraduate majors and 25 graduate students.

We welcome and encourage student interaction, emphasize analytical, communications, and critical thinking skills, and promote chronological, cultural, and geographic diversity. Our alumni are employed in a variety of fields from law to city planner and serve on the faculty of History Departments across the United States.

See and hear History B.A. student Aaron Preece at work making the Clio app accessible.

Click here for History Is Not a Useless Major: Fighting Myths with Data

Upcoming Events

New class for the fall! Dr. Fain will be on campus for two years and offering one class a semester. He has a recent book out on the history of Black Huntington. Don’t miss this opportunity.